“Agents of SHIELD” Episode Review: Pick a Side

Battle lines were drawn in this week’s “Agents of SHIELD” episode, “Identity and Change,” as Simmons and Coulson meet the underground SHIELD and attempt to find Radcliffe. Mack must make a difficult decision to save his daughter’s life.

Seeing as last week’s episode was the introduction to the Agents of HYDRA storyline, there was a lot of world building that took up that episode. With that out of the way, this week moved into a more character focused episode as Fitz was revealed to be fully under the influence of Madame HYDRA, who we now know is AIDA plugged into the Framework. Not only that, but Fitz kills Agnes once and for all, much to Simmons’s horror, which is sure to put a damper on their relationship if this gets resolved.

Mack also got to spend time with his daughter, Hope, and was forced to out Daisy as a SHIELD agent to protect her. One thing this HYDRA storyline is doing well is being heartbreaking all around, and Hope’s face when she realizes her father helped HYDRA exemplifies that.

“Identity and Change” turns up the hopeless dial for our heroes and backs them into a seemingly impossible corner. Now that the HYDRA side of things is more established, the show is definitely taking a dark turn.

“Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless