“Agents of SHIELD” Episode Review: We Go Down Together

In the season finale of “Agents of SHIELD,” Ghost Rider returns to finish off AIDA, who plans to take down SHIELD with a sinister plot.

“World’s End” was a scaled back season finale compared to the last few epic finales. It was more personal, seeing as Elena enters the Framework to recuse Mack, who is forced to watch his virtual daughter disappear before his eyes. Pretty heavy stuff for a comic book show, and the actors played it beautifully.

The real kicker, though, was Ghost Rider returning and making a mysterious deal with Coulson to finally kill AIDA. But only after AIDA framed SHIELD for shooting Talbot, who miraculously survived being shot in the head, forcing SHIELD to go on the run again. And then, mysterious men kidnap Coulson and company and take them to… space?

“World’s End” was an emotion focused finale as opposed to an action focused finale. It was a solid closer for this edgier season and opened up a world of possibilities for season 5.

“Agents of SHIELD” returns in 2018 on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Jennifer Clasen