“Agents of SHIELD” Episode Review: Can’t We Catch A Break?

“Agents of SHIELD” may have escaped the Framework, but “The Return” was anything but a vacation. AIDA’s newfound humanity takes a toll on her, while Fitz struggles with his actions in the Framework. While Elena tries to save Mack, Simmons must decide if she can forgive Fitz.

In one of the strongest episodes of the season, we got to see yet another side of AIDA. Now calling herself Ophelia, she is experiencing human emotions- as well as a love for Fitz. Mallory Jansen once again shows off her range as she acts the living crap out of these scenes. The only downside was that once she realizes that Fitz will always love Simmons, she goes full on bonkers and tries to kill everybody far too fast for the timeframe. This dramatic a shift needed at least another episode.

On that note, Fitz easily got the best stuff this week, as he struggled with his murderous virtual self and realized that Simmons may never forgive him. This was hands down one of the most gut wrenching scenes in this show’s history, driven home by Simmons’s tear filled reactions to his confessions. Though Simmons seems to want to forgive him by episode’s end, the fact that Fitz refuses to look at her is simply devastating.

“The Return” was a fantastic, emotional and intense episode from the first minute. It featured among the series’s best drama and powerhouse acting that is more than memorable. Next week is the season finale, so buckle up.

“Agents of SHIELD” airs Tuesdays on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Jennifer Clasen