“Agents of SHIELD” Two-Hour Season Premiere Recap: They Came From Outer Space

Over four seasons, “Agents of SHIELD” have faced Nazis, aliens and men with flaming skulls for heads. To say that the two-hour season 5 premiere is trippy as hell really says something about “Orientation.” Not only does this double episode bring the “What the hell,” but it also expands the mythology of this already dense show into a whole new world.

The One Thing We Haven’t Done Yet | Right out of the gate, this episode gets weird by showing a mysterious bald fellow, who is clearly not human abduct the SHIELD gang- sans Fitz- and put them in a room with a white Monolith that takes them to a space station. Coulson, Mack, Yo-Yo and Simmons meet up with Virgil, who seems to know the SHIELD gang very well and tells them that they’re here to save humanity. Unfortunately, those are his last words before a freakin’ axe tears his head off.

May, meanwhile, meets Deke (the ironically named Jeff Ward) who gives her a run for her money in the fight department as Daisy saves the others from getting killed by an alien. Kree soldiers arrive and arrest them, torturing Mack and Yo-Yo while Deke takes May to Daisy, Coulson and Simmons’s cell, where he manages to bail them out per a deal he made with Virgil.

Where the Hell and What the Hell | Deke points Simmons and May to a spaceship, while Daisy saves Yo-Yo and Mack from getting killed. Coulson interrogates Deke, who doesn’t seem to know about basic human things like pie or Wisconsin. But he’s got a good reason. You better be sitting down for this: Simmons and May see a destroyed Earth out in space. The team isn’t just in space; They’re in the future.

And it’s a sucky future at that. The Kree have what’s left of humanity fighting for food and survival, occasionally forcing them to kill each other. Simmons gets in hot water for helping a wounded Kree helper-guy and is brought to Kasius, who not only murders the guy Simmons saved, but picks Simmons herself to replace him, shoving some thing in her ear that dulls out everything except for his voice.

This Time It’s War | Deke directs the team to Tess, a friend of Virgil’s who shows Coulson Virgil’s hidden journal. Also, Mack finds a postcard from Earth with “Working on it” written on the back by Fitz. Daisy follows the sketchy Deke to a secret room where he plugs people into the Framework to escape the hell that is the Kree regime. In said Framework, Deke recognizes Daisy from old news footage and tells Daisy that she is the reason Earth is in ruins, much to Daisy’s shock.

What did you think of “Agents of SHIELD’s” season premiere? Will the team make it back to the present? Do you think Daisy is the cause of the end of the world? Let us know in the comments.

“Agents of SHIELD” airs Fridays on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Jennifer Clasen