“Agents of SHIELD” Recap: Dead Space

In a relatively uneventful episode of “Agents of SHIELD,” “A Life Spent” saw Simmons befriend an Inhuman girl who must fight to save her family. Daisy and Deke clash over how to rescue Simmons and Coulson, May and Mack make a surprising discovery.

Alien Gladiators | Poor Simmons is still in outer space hell, but at least she makes a friend. Abby, a young Inhuman who can control her density, is picked by Kasius to fight another alien contender in order to save her family from being killed. Simmons manages to teach Abby how to control her powers just in time for the fight, where Abby shoves her hand inside her opponent and kills him. But Abby is taken away by a mysterious benefactor, much to Simmons’s horror.

Coordinates 616 | Coulson, Mack and May team up with Tess to steal a spaceship to find proof of life on the destroyed Earth. They get busted by a man working for Gryll, who has all but enslaved Coulson and crew, and Tess tries to convince Mack to throw him out into space.

Stealth Mode | Despite Deke’s objections, Daisy goes into the depths of the Lighthouse to find Simmons and fights a few Kree on the way. But almost instantly after making it to Kasius’s base, she is trapped and knocked out. As she finds out, Deke ratted her out to Kasius to save his own skin.

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Photo Credit: ABC/Jennifer Clasen