“Agents of SHIELD” Recap: Up Against the Wall

Following last week’s uneventful episode, “Agents of SHIELD” returned to form in “A Life Earned.” Betrayed by Deke, Daisy must fight for her own survival when confronted by Kasius. Mack receives an unpleasant assignment while Coulson and May search for Daisy with the very man who sold her out.

Story Time | Kasius now has Daisy captive and wants her to fight for her survival along with the other Inhumans, including a guy who can read minds. Said guy comes in handy when Kasius demands to know how Daisy got to the Station- and wants Simmons’s story to match up when Simmons can’t hear what Daisy said. Fortunately, the mind reader projects Daisy’s story into Simmons’s head so she can corroborate.

Mutually Beneficial | Coulson and May are out looking for Daisy- with Deke, who pretends to not know where Daisy went. Long story short, he leads Coulson and May to a Kree controlled level where they see home grown babies that are being smuggled as contraband. May snoops around on a computer to find evidence of Deke’s duplicity and Coulson knocks him out and interrogates him, where Deke reveals that the voice coming from the transmission from Earth was his father’s. Coulson wisely doesn’t believe him and locks him in a room until further notice. Meanwhile, May gets into a fight with a Kree executioner and her fate is left unresolved.

Full Dystopian | Mack and Yo-Yo are sent to rough up a guy who owes Grill money and at first, Mack threatens to dump the contraband the guy is smuggling, not realizing it’s one of the grown babies. The guy coldly tells Mack that all he knows is violence and that he would be a terrible father, which understandably pisses Mack off to the point that he beats up the guy pretty good.

Also, Kasius invites aliens to bid on Daisy’s life and one of them calls out Kasius- and it turns out to Fitz!

How do you think Fitz got to the future? What do you think happened to May? Let us know in the comments.

“Agents of SHIELD” airs Fridays on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Jennifer Clasen