“Agents of SHIELD” Recap: Down to Earth

In “Agents of SHIELD’s” reversal of one of their best episodes, season 3’s spectacular “4,722 Hours,” season 5’s “Rewind” went back to Earth as Fitz vows to discover what happened to his missing friends and gets help from a familiar face.

Guess Who’s Back? | Almost immediately after Coulson and co. were taken from the diner, poor Fitz gets arrested by the government and interrogated for six months (!) as both the agents and Fitz try to find out where the others are. Of course, the agents want SHIELD to hang for the LMD Daisy shooting Talbot in the head at the end of season 4. Fitz is out of options when, surprise, Lance Hunter arrives to break Fitz out of lockup and use stolen surveillance tech to track down the weird bald guy who took the team.

All Aboard the Winnebago | As Fitz and Hunter find the mystery man, Enoch, in a Winnebago, Enoch tells them that he is an “observer” from the past who is meant to watch human history. Sound familiar? Hint: Watch “Fringe.” Anyway, Enoch takes them to Robin, the daughter of the death predicting Inhuman from God knows who many seasons ago. I honestly almost completely forgot what happened in that episode. Robin is sketching out the future with crayons and telling Enoch what she sees, and she’s seen a future summed up in three words you should never have to say:

Extinction Level Event | Enoch tells Fitz that he sent Coulson and co. into the year 2091 to fulfill a prophecy to prevent the end of the world and Fitz was spared so he could save them. Fitz and Hunter break back into the facility where Fitz was held and steal the Zephyr and a cryogenic pod. That’s right, poor Fitz freezes himself for 74 years just to get to Simmons! Simmons is one lucky gal…

Oh, and the poor agents who were trying to find Fitz get killed by their nasty superior, Hale. That’s just plain evil.

“Agents of SHIELD” airs Fridays on ABC.