“Agents of SHIELD” Recap: Indecent Proposal

Clark Gregg directs “Agents of SHIELD’s” latest episode, “Fun and Games,” as Fitz tries to save Simmons and Daisy from certain doom, while Yo-Yo bonds with Flint, a scavenger who gets in deep.

Blast from the Past | Fitz is posing as an intergalactic bounty hunter in order to bid on Daisy’s upcoming auction by Kasius. He also runs into Simmons and flat out asks her to marry him, but of course, she doesn’t hear it, thanks to the ear implant.

Kasius pits Ben, the telepathic Inhuman who helped Daisy, against the captured May and May gets her ass kicked, until Fitz convinces Kasius to send May down to the ruined Earth’s surface, sending Enoch to rescue her. But Kasius orders his right hand woman Sinara to kill Ben after finding out that he lied about Daisy being the only one from the past.

That Rocks! | Elsewhere, Coulson, Mack and Yo-Yo help out Flint, a trader who is picked to undergo Terrigenesis to fight for Kasius. Yo-Yo rescues Flint from the Kree guards, only for the gang to get found out by Grill, who tries to kill them before Flint uses his Inhuman powers to create a boulder from the rocks on the floor to crush Grill. While Yo-Yo comforts Flint, Coulson and Mack go to find Tess- and find her body hanging from the ceiling. Didn’t see that major character death coming!

Display of Power | Kasius’s brother arrives to buy Daisy from him, much to the downfall of Fitz’s plan to break her out. Kasius pits Daisy against Sinara and just when it looks like Daisy is losing, Fitz pulls a gun and Simmons pulls a knife she swiped and slits Kasius’s throat. Fitz, Simmons and Daisy manage to escape and Simmons asks Fitz to marry her, leaving Fitz to defend his manhood by saying that he popped the question first. Don’t argue with a good thing, man.

“Agents of SHIELD” airs Fridays at 9pm on ABC.