“Agents of SHIELD” Recap: This is Heavy, Doc

In a brain twisting episode of “Agents of SHIELD,” “The Last Day” saw an older version of Robin give cryptic instructions to the SHIELD team, while Mack and Yo-Yo must save the citizens of the Lighthouse from being exterminated. Deke faces a personal crisis and Daisy must face the truth.

More Questions | Team SHIELD regroups on the wreckage of Zephyr-1 with an older Robin and Voss, who seems to know Deke and Deke’s father, who is out on a mission. With Robin being cryptic as ever, the team finds some technology that Fitz claims can act as a portal to send them back to the present.

And here’s where things get trippy: Periodic flashbacks to 2018 reveal that May, Fitz and Simmons were with young Robin and hiding out on what ultimately became the Lighthouse. As the Earth goes to hell, Yo-Yo seemingly picks a fight with the Kree, who the humans have aligned with, leading to the Kree’s enslavement of the human race. Yo-Yo also says that Mack is dead and Daisy has already destroyed the world. Mind melted yet? Just you wait…

Exterminate | Back on the Lighthouse, Mack, Yo-Yo and Flint discover that the Kree have unleashed the aliens onboard the station to kill the remaining humans. Mack manages to find Shotgun Axe, stashed onboard by Fitz, and he and Yo-Yo kill all the roaches.

Back on Earth, Coulson finds a small piece of the monolith that sent them to the future. They reason that they can use this to go back to the present, but Deke recognizes the piece. He approaches Voss because the piece belonged to his father and he never would’ve left without it. Voss knocks out Deke and then tries to kill Daisy after telling her that he knows she destroyed Earth.

A Never Ending Loop | Speaking of Deke’s daddy issues, Deke claims that the device in the Zephyr was designed by his father- and a flashback reveals that Fitz drew up the plans. So, Fitz and Simmons are Deke’s parents and their future selves are dead? Oh, and chew on this brain twister: If team SHIELD was sent to the future from the diner before Daisy supposedly caused the apocalypse, how is Earth still ruined in the future? Daisy wasn’t in the past to cause Earth’s doom because she was in the future where Earth was destroyed? (I know this is surprisingly convoluted for a recap, so bear with me.)

Voss in the struggle to kill Daisy ends up stabbing Robin, so she can’t give them the answers. Daisy incapacitates Voss, as May confronts the dying Robin. Robin reveals that in the past, May was essentially Robin’s surrogate mother and promised to be there with her till the end. Robin whispers in May’s ear how they get back home before she dies.

But wait, if Daisy goes back to the past and still causes the apocalypse, does that mean this is all just some loop that can’t be avoided? Then why does Robin send them to the future to save the world??? By that logic, the moment they go to the future, the ruing Earth should’ve never happened!

Okay, if I keep going like this, this recap will be ten pages long. Let’s just cap it there for now.

“Agents of SHIELD” airs Fridays on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless