“Agents of SHIELD” Recap: The End is the Beginning

Much like last season, “Agents of SHIELD” closes one chapter and opens another in their latest episode, “Past Life.” Coulson and the SHIELD team set a plan into motion to return to the past, but first, they must contend with a bloodthirsty Kasius. Yo-Yo discovers a shocking secret Kasius has been keeping and Deke prepares to do whatever it takes to ensure SHIELD’s survival.

Fight Back | The Zephyr docks at the Lighthouse, but everyone save Enoch has vacated the plane. Kasius goes downright crazy after seeing Sinatra’s body and even talks to her as if she’s still alive. He sends a team of Inhumans along with a man juiced up on a serum that drives people mad, who gets into a scrap with Coulson and Daisy as they free the Inhumans and send them, along with Tess and the other citizens, away on a spaceship.

Future Shock | While Fitz, Simmons, Mack and Flint prepare to construct a new monolith, Yo-Yo goes to free captive Inhumans, only to find Kasius’s seer locked up: An older, mutilated version of Yo-Yo herself. Future Yo-Yo tells present Yo-Yo that Coulson is dying and if Earth is going to survive, he has to die. Somehow, SHIELD’s attempt to save him results in the end of the world.

Speaking of, Daisy refuses to accompany team SHIELD back to the present in fear of destroying the world, even though she doesn’t have her powers anymore. Coulson knocks her out and takes her to the monolith that Flint has constructed, hiding his mysterious scars in doing so…

Blaze of Glory | While team SHIELD is at the monolith and Enoch and Deke are at the Zephyr trying to turn on the portal, Mack goes to find Yo-Yo and sees the crazed Kasius killing the older Yo-Yo. Mack, of course, thinks she’s the present version and fights Kasius, who drinks his serum that drives people insane. Mack finally manages to kill Kasius- with Shotgun Axe no less!- and is relieved to see present Yo-Yo run into his arms. Everyone makes it back to the monolith, just as Enoch overloads his circuits to power the portal, blowing up him and Deke in the process.

“Agents of SHIELD” returns with all new episodes on Friday, March 2 on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless