Beauty and the Beast Exclusive: Austin Basis Previews Season 3

beauty-and-the-beast-austin-basisBeasties, we are just days away from the long-awaited Season 3 premiere of The CW’s sci-fi/supernatural drama, Beauty and the Beast.

To get more intel on the upcoming 13-episode season, OMFGTV got star Austin Basis on the phone to spill some juicy details on what fans can expect.

For starters, Season 3 will have a bit of a time jump. But before we jump ahead to the future, let’s travel back to New York City, circa 1854. In the Season 2 finale, we got our first glimpse of Catherine’s (Kristin Kreuk) ancestor Rebecca Reynolds and her love Alistair, who ended up suffering a gruesome death. The events prior to his death and how Rebecca was involved, along with Cat’s fear of history repeating will be explored.

“We find out a lot more about what Rebecca’s culpability was in Alistair’s death and what happens to Rebecca after Alistair’s death, which is another part of the puzzle that we don’t know yet,” Basis previews. “That’s where the destiny comes from is Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Catherine trying to fight the repetition of the cycle of their collective destiny. If they don’t come together and fight the battle they need to fight, then history will repeat itself.”

Back to the present, when the series returns, time will have elapsed by two months and will show the titular pair at their attempt at a normal life. But as the first trailer for the season premiere shows, it’s complicated. “It’s almost too good to be true,” Catherine says.

“They’re living a normal, domesticated life, trying to hold on to that happiness of this arc of their relationship and now that they have this sense of normalcy, there’s still this aching instinct in one of them that’s trying to call them to a battle,” he says. “There’s a dreaded foe that’s pulling them out of this cookie-cutter lifestyle that they don’t necessarily feel comfortable in, but kind of want as an ideal.

“There’s a struggle between them and among the group about whether to face up to these conflicts or these challenges — evil forces that are out there or to let them go and to let someone else take care of them and just live normal lives in the safety of the normal. It’s a pendulum swing throughout the season and all these back and forth feelings between all of them allow them to really find their purpose and their place in this new life they’re living.”

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