Comic Con Thomas Dekker Interview

Last week Populr attended the 2011 San Diego Comic Con where we covered the Q&A Session that followed the screening of the pilot as well as the TV Guide Presents: Super Supernaturals panel whose panelists include the main trio from the show.

Now we bring you our interview with star Thomas Dekker who plays Adam on the new CW show premiering Thursdays this fall.

In the interview Dekker talks about the difference between his past projects and The Secret Circle. “I feel [The Secret Circle] is more of a guilty pleasure,” Dekker says. “It’s more sexy, more fun, more colorful.”

On executive producer and show runner Kevin Williamson, “I’ve been a really big fan of his work. I’ve really wanted to work with him for a long time and now I am. It’s very exciting.”

We will be releasing more interviews of the cast members and executive producers as well as the full unedited version of the interview below soon.

The video below is available to view in up to 1080p HD. To view in HD (and we strongly recommend it) press play below. Once the video starts, an option will appear at the bottom of the video to change the resolution.