“The 100” Exclusive: James Clayton Teases “Top Secret” Character, Talks Elaborate Sets & More

The penultimate episode of The 100‘s fourth season includes a new character that viewers will be introduced to. When presented with the opportunity to interview the subject, James Clayton (NBC’s “Timeless”), very little info was given to us beforehand — and probably for good reason.

OMFGTV jumped on the phone for a quick chat with the Canadian actor/producer, who, while not able to reveal too much, was eager to share what little he could about his experience on the show.

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Right off the bat, we wanted to know what Clayton’s character was like. “It’s a little top secret,” he tells us. “It definitely refers to the cliffhanger that happened in the last episode, in terms that everyone has a choice of 100 people in the bunker to survive.”

James then shocked us when he revealed his character is Skaikru; we thought he would be from one of the grounder clans! “One interesting little tid-bit is I do play a married man,” he shares, adding that he and his character’s wife, played by Alika Autran (ABC’s “When We Rise”), “we’re known as the Hassler’s.”

“It’s a very emotional role, that’s what I will say,” James continues. “I would say our characters definitely hinge on the emotionality of what is to come in the future of Skaikru.”

Playing the role of one half of the Hassler’s was a change for the actor, who tells us that he originally auditioned for a different character whose introduction and story has been shifted to the series’ fifth season. He reveals that that character and story “had to do with basically the history of the grounders, and the history of the nuclear apocalypse.”

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Being on the sci-fi hit’s vast Vancouver set, one can only feel and appreciate the scope and magnitude of how much of a big deal the series really is. Clayton was very excited to share his experience, both with the sound stages and with the cast.

“It was probably one of the best sets I’ve ever been on,” he effuses. “There’s really elaborate sets, and a lot of it is actually inside. A lot of the exteriors are inside on a sound stage, which I wasn’t aware of.”

One particular set of The 100 that Clayton had a chance to see is one that he unfortunately can’t reveal, “but this set is linked to some space travel. It was a very extensive set from what I’ve heard, and it is so cool!”

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The actor was also very impressed that while a lot of ADR is done in a studio, usually in an office building, for this CW show, ADR is done right on location. “What I found fascinating is that they do their ADR right on set. They have a little trailer that is parked right outside.”

James couldn’t share too much about 4×12, “The Chosen,” but he did share one small detail: “It gets pretty intense this episode, especially with Jaha. Jaha means business.”

Mr. Hassler’s appearance in the series is most likely not a one-and-done, as Clayton says, “There’s definitely an opening for me to return.” And though he could not reveal whether or not his presence carries over to the season finale, he does leave us quite a teaser: “I would tell the fans just get ready for an amazing ending and to hold their breath!”

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on The CW.