“The 100” Exclusive: Tasya Teles Talks Face Paint, Favorite Fan Moment and Teases Finale!

Since Echo’s introduction on the sophomore season of The CW’s hit sci-fi series The 100, she has always had a special bond with Bellamy (Bob Morley), but how has their relationship been impacted by her battle with Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos)? “The simplest way of answering it is that it put stress on their relationship,” Echo’s portrayer Tasya Teles tells OMFGTV.

Bellamy has spent the majority of his life protecting Octavia, he doesn’t know anything else, and when he thought she died he lost it. She says that he is still in the dark on whether or not what happened was deliberate. “He doesn’t know if it was accidental, or what the intention was behind it.” Perhaps that will be the saving grace in their friendship now that Bellamy has been reunited with his sister and seen her dominate in the conclave. We saw in the penultimate episode of the season, ‘The Chosen,’ that he seems protective over the Ice Nation Royal Guard once again, so maybe all is forgiven.

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Playing the Royal Guard does have its challenges, however, Teles reveals that the episodes where she had her face painted were where she felt challenged the most. According to the actress, the face paint Echo wears is just “white acrylic paint that you get at the dollar store,” and she was very concerned that she would not be able to deliver a great performance beneath the paint. “I was worried I wouldn’t be able to emote from behind the mask. That [the audience] wouldn’t catch the nuances of how she was feeling.” But I think audiences everywhere can agree that the makeup did nothing to take away from Tasya’s performance, if anything it made it even more chilling.

Echo didn’t always seem too pleased with how Roan (Zach McGowan) was leading her people, so we asked Tasya how Echo would have done so. “I think she would take over with less hesitation than Roan [did]. So she would be more ruthless, I think. She hasn’t been taught otherwise so she doesn’t know [there’s other ways to lead]. She’s been taught to be ruthless so she would do that.”

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The 100 is a crazy post-apocalyptic show filled with stress and danger, but working on that show seems to be the complete opposite. Teles describes her favorite day on set to us, and it seems like it was a blast! “My favorite day [on set] was definitely episode 405, “The Tinder Box,” because Bob and Ian Cusick were tied to each other and couldn’t get away from each other!” Tasya began laughing as she told the rest of the story. “Bob was getting so irritated and Ian was just walking around dragging Bob behind him. At the same time, Zach and I were sitting on horses making fun of them. It was just a hilarious day.”

Tasya has recently been featured in several conventions for The 100 where she got to meet her fans for the first time, and one fan interaction that really stuck with her was one she says was an incredible experience. “There was a moment when I was in Paris where a girl sang for me,” she says. “We went on a little walk and we held hands. She sang an Alicia Keys song and it was so beautiful, I started crying. At one point I took her hand to calm her down, but she really wanted to sing for me, and she did. And her voice was SO BEAUTIFUL, I was so floored. That tops anything. That was magical.”

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During our latest chat with Tasya Teles, she described the final episodes in three concrete words for us: “Sad, there’s going to be a lot of tears shed; Savage, there’s going to be a lot of bloodshed; Suspenseful, because like, yeah.” But Tasya’s favorite word to describe the final episodes is “magical!” And from what we’ve seen so far, there were no lies detected!

Finally, we couldn’t have Tasya on the phone and not ask about the finale, and unfortunately she wasn’t able to share too much. “It’s totally unexpected. It’s going to be something nobody saw coming.”

The 100 Season 4 finale airs Wednesday at 9pm on The CW.