“The 100” Exclusive: Tasya Teles on Her Reaction to Getting the S5 Promotion News

It was announced on Friday via TVGuide that Canadian actress Tasya Teles had been promoted to series regular ahead of Season 5 of The CW’s hit sci-fi series The 100.

Teles’ character Echo entered the show during its sophomore season where she befriended Bellamy (Bob Morley) in Mt. Weather. But when she returned in Season 3, the Ice Nation Royal Guard had realigned herself with Azgeda and betrayed her old ally. She betrayed Bellamy again in Season 4, but he has somehow been able to look past it all and welcome her aboard their rocket to survival.

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Eager to find out how she got the news of her promotion, OMFGTV hit her up for the details.

“My agent called me and I could tell in his voice something was up,” Tasya tells us. “I braced myself, and upon hearing the news, I jumped up and down like a maniac, and ran around my apartment. Then I got emotional, then laughed at myself for getting emotional. It was very uncool. After that, I was finally able to listen to the details of what my agent was saying to me.”

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She goes on to say that she’s very curious to see who Echo is in the new season. “She’s gone through such a big transformation this past year. Who will she be six years from now? How will space change her?”

We know from our previous chats with Tasya that Echo and Bellamy have always had some kind of connection. It is possible that they become romantically involved over those 6 years in space. That’s assuming they spent all 6 years in space, since we still do not know the outcome of the new Arkers.

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“It’ll be exciting to see what the writers come up with,” she says. “I’ve started crossing the days off my calendar until we start shooting again – it’s like Christmas morning. I can’t wait!”

Season 5 of The 100 is set to premiere in early 2018 on The CW.

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