“Riverdale” EPs & Cast Reveal Their Season 2 Wishlist!

Now that the first season has ended and Riverdale has gone on hiatus, it is time for theories and wish lists for what season two may entail. These wish lists aren’t reserved just for fans of the show; the cast has their own for their characters and the show in general.

OMFGTV sat down with members of the cast to chat about what they hope to see next season and their characters.

The biggest wish across the board, from writers to actors, is to explore dynamics between characters who maybe didn’t share as much screen time in the first season. “I think that’s what’s fun about it and that’s what’s great about having such a deep bench of talent. There’s more to do between Skeet (F.P. Jones) and Luke (Fred Andrews). I want to see more of Casey’s (Kevin Keller) world,” said RiverdaleExecutive Producer Sarah Schechter.

One character she and co-EP Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa both shared excitement for exploring more is Josie, played by Ashleigh Murray. When asked about it, Murray shared that she wants to see, “more issues with the Pussycats and like journeys and things like that. And also to see them interact more with the rest of the core cast. That’s what I would really like.”

She and Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge) both shared their love for the show taking the time to showcase the plethora of strong females both with the teenagers and the parents. Mendes praised the range of female characters on the show. “They’re complex. They all have sides to them that are being showcased.”

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This show takes the time to develop not just the teenagers but also the parents, and the actors portraying them have hopes for their characters in season two as well. Two of the most complex and entertaining of the parents are the two mothers constantly at each other’s throats, Hermione Lodge and Alice Cooper, played by Marisol Nichols and Mädchen Amick respectively. In reality the two actresses joke around with each other and couldn’t be sweeter.

Amick herself is rooting for Alice to let it all out and drop her uptight façade and, “maybe have like a wild night out. Maybe with girls, maybe with a guy, I’m just saying. Maybe Alice could have like a night fling with Jughead’s dad. It might be fun that she has to do the walk of shame home. As she stumbles in with like one heel.”

Nichols’ wish list for season two consists of Hermione standing up to her estranged husband, Hiram, once and for all. “For Hermione, I doubt this would happen, but if I had it my way, she would finally put Hiram in his place. Tear that DOWN. Take over her family and do what she really wants to just do and be.”

What would that mean for Hermione and Fred? Luke Perry weighed in on the potential future of their relationship being up in the air. “There’s room there for growth. I mean they could be friends, they could take long walks on the beach and stuff.”

There are many avenues the show could take in season two now that the murder of Jason Blossom has been solved and the cliffhanger in the season finale presents a whole new league of problems. We will have to wait and see which cast members’ wish lists will come to pass but until then, you can rewatch season one of Riverdale on Netflix!

Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW; Art Streiber/The CW