“Riverdale” Cast Talk Killer Reveal, Previews Intense Season Finale

It’s time for the finale of Riverdale where we will learn the consequences of the big reveal of who killed Jason Blossom. OMFGTV sat down with a few of the cast members and producers to talk shocking twists and reveals in the finale and moving forward. In the words of executive producer Sarah Schechter, “No one is safe in Riverdale.”

The biggest of reveals, obviously, came last week when we learned Jason was killed by his own father, Clifford. When asked if he saw it coming, Luke Perry (Fred Andrews) said, “I never did because one of my favorite things about these kinds of shows is the not knowing. I’m along for the mystery too. I don’t want to know.”

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His on-screen son, K.J. Apa, on the other hand, figured it out before the big reveal. “I kind of knew who it was. I remember asking one of the writers on set and he laughed and walked away so I immediately knew it was that person.”

Executive producer Sarah Schechter said that the plan from the very beginning was to reveal who killed Jason before the end of the season. Being a big Twin Peaks fan herself, she remembered the frustration of finishing a season without finding out the culprit. “We wanted to give that kind of closure so we could start a new chapter with the characters that now everyone loves as much as we do.” she says.

While the audience definitely got closure on the “who” of the mystery, Clifford’s suicide at the end of the episode makes it impossible to truly know the “why”, keeping that layer of mystery moving forward. When initially teasing the second death of the season, Luke admitted, “I felt it was too soon for [Clifford] but at the same time, [he] deserved it.”

Even though the big whodunit is solved and the murderer has killed himself, there are still more twists and turns coming for the audience in the season finale to have serious repercussions next season. One such instance was teased by Mädchen Amick (Alice Cooper) about fellow Riverdale mom Hermione Lodge, played by Marisol Nichols.

“I’m teasing this one — [Hermione] has got a major reveal towards the end of the season which I was shocked by,” Amick says. Marisol nodded her head vigorously and confirmed that we will see another side of Hermione we may not have expected. “This brings everything you’ve heard so far as far as New York, Hiram, prison, what you’ve seen, what you’ve heard. You’re going to see a lot of the old Hermione and how she got to where she was married to this powerful man.”

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Both women cited episodes twelve and thirteen as the most shocking of the season even for the actors. “Literally the actors were flush in the room doing the table read like, ‘This is intense!’”

When asked about how this reveal affects the relationship between Hermione and Veronica, Camila Mendes (Veronica Lodge) teased it wouldn’t exactly be all hugs and forgiveness. “It gets progressively worse I would say. The dynamic with her mother just gets worse. Because she starts to really realize her mother is manipulating her to an extent.” That dynamic will most likely trickle over into season two, giving the audience juicy interactions when the show returns.

With just one episode left, Riverdale is all set to throw a good handful of twists at the audience before breaking for the season. The writers have already begun planning season two and we can’t wait!

Make sure to watch the Riverdale season finale, Thursday May 11th at 9/8c on The CW!