Archie & Ms. Grundy, Betty’s Alter Ego, Ronnie and the Pussycats & More OMFG Moments from “Riverdale” Season 1!

WEAPONIZED | While in Ms. Grundy’s “old” car, not only do Betty and Veronica find a driver’s license with her real identity — Jennifer Gibson — but they also find a gun! Could this very well be the murder weapon that killed Jason? Was Ms. Grundy involved with the Blossom twin and then shot him when he threatened to go public?

CAUGHT IN THE ACT | Secrets don’t stay secrets for long in Riverdale. After Alice Cooper (Mädchen Amick) finds the gun in Betty’s drawer, she goes through her daughter’s diary in a panic to find out what the hell is going on. And thanks to Betty’s meticulous details in her diary about her friend’s “lurid” affair with his teacher, Alice and Fred go to the school to find out that it is in fact true.

ON THE FENCE | During Twilight’s Drive-In’s closing night, the Southside Serpents are causing a nuisance. When Kevin (Casey Cott) tries to shush them up, one of the gang members, Joaquin (Rob Raco) takes notice. After the two run in at the concession stand, we knew it didn’t look good for Kevin. Moments later, we hear what sounds like grunting and punches, and we’re saddened that Kevin is for sure getting beat up. But twist(!): as the camera pans up, it’s revealed that the two are actually kissing! Yay!

NIGHTMARE IN THORNHILL | Cheryl is still grieving her brother Jason’s (Trevor Stines) death, even sleeping in his bedroom. On the eve of his memorial, she has a nightmare of opening his casket to find it empty, but with bloody scratch marks inside. Seconds later, her dead brother appears behind her and reaches out for her. How is it that even dead, he still fine as hell?

RONNIE AND THE PUSSYCATS | Valerie (Hayley Law) quits the Pussycats because she can’t deal with Josie (Ashleigh Murray) anymore and she quickly replaces Veronica to sing with Archie at the talent show. Josie’s hunt for a replacement is quickly over when Ronnie steps up to offer her vocal talents to the group. The new trio is revealed when they walk the halls of Riverdale High — and we LOVE a good slo-mo strut!

REUNITED | Betty and Jughead bite the bullet and decide to go find Polly to find out more about what happened to Jason. After the two are reunited, they embrace, followed by Polly saying to her sister, “You found us!” Huh? Turns out she’s pregnant with Jason Blossom’s baby! What’s even more crazy, she doesn’t know he’s dead!

CRAZY COOPERS | Polly questions the sanity of her sister and the sanity of herself. She wonders if she’s crazy like her parents, and Jughead assures her that she is not. “We’re not our parents, Betty,” he tells her. It’s an intimate moment that ends with the two of them kissing! It’s a ‘ship we don’t mind sailing!

FAUXMANCE | Kevin’s relationship with the Southside Serpent member is revealed to be all a lie when FP (Skeet Ulrich) asks Joaquin how it’s going with the two of them. “It’s good. He thinks we’re legit,” he tells Jughead’s dad. Turns out the only reason why FP wanted Joaquin to woo Kevin was to get an inside line with the sheriff. Could the serpent’s feelings for Kevin be for show, or has he developed feelings for him? We hope it’s real!

HOT DADDY | Cheryl definitely has the best one-liners on the show. And this moment is definitely one of the best of her best. When the bombshell shows up at the Andrews’ residence to gift Archie with a guitar as a thank you for all the help he’s been doing, she encounters Fred at the door first. “Mr. Andrews. Nice haircut. Looking extremely DILF-y today!” #Dead

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