Archie & Ms. Grundy, Betty’s Alter Ego, Ronnie and the Pussycats & More OMFG Moments from “Riverdale” Season 1!

MAPLE RED | The Blossom sister has been going through a lot, and Archie has proven time after time how great a friend he is to Cheryl and the rest of the gang. In a moment of vulnerability, Cheryl shares that she believes he is the only decent person left in Riverdale and embodies other qualities she wants in a guy. Then she goes in for a kiss! What’s even more shocking is how long it took for Archie to pull away!

WHAT IF? | Archie plays the “What If” game and questions how his life would have been if he had done things differently, made different choices, including moving with his mom to Chicago when his parents first separated. “We wouldn’t have met,” Veronica tells him, “and that would’ve been a tragedy of epic proportions.” It’s a very sweet moment with the two finally getting it on! They’re so Facebook official now!

SILVER LINING | With Jason’s letterman jacket in the Scooby Gang’s posession, Betty’s Nancy Drew skills lead her to find the last missing piece that will help them once and for all find out the truth about Jason’s murder: a flash drive hidden in the jacket’s lining. In the drive they find video of Jason’s murder taking place. We don’t see the video they’re watching, and we don’t hear any audio from it as well. All we see is the group’s horrified faces as they watch the video. It was chilling to watch and very well done.

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE | “You did a bad thing, daddy,” Cheryl said to her father, “and now everyone knows.” The video of Jason’s murder at the hands of his own father was sent to the police. When they went to arrest him, Cheryl and her mother pointed them in the direction of the barn house which housed the barrels upon barrels of maple syrup. Upon entering, the police found his lifeless body hanging in mid-air and opened barrels with massive amounts of drugs.

GOING UNDER | Cheryl lost the two most important men in her lives — her brother Jason and most recently, her father. Now all she has is her bitch of a mother. It’s certainly been a strenuous few months for Cheryl, so in a moment of weakness, she decides to end her life just as her father did, so she could be reunited with her brother. We were worried for Cheryl, because we know finales like to kill people off, and though we hate Cheryl, we love to hate her, and would not want to see her go! Thankfully she made it out alive!

FIRE MEET GASOLINE | From out of the ice and into the fire — Cheryl torches their Thornhill mansion as the only way to truly start over. After all, so many secrets and lies have tainted their home, it’s only natural to start burn everything down to the ground and start anew, right? My one question though: Did they forget their nana in there?

IDENTITY | The season finale was all about identity for Jughead. He felt like he didn’t belong at Riverdale and that he could be himself at a different school in the south side. After his father stayed loyal to the Southside Serpents and didn’t snitch on any of them for a lesser sentence in jail, the gang thanked Jughead and gifted him with his very own SS jacket, just like one his father has. Without hesitation and a smile on his face, he proudly put it on, much to his girlfriend’s disapproval. He is now one of them.

BURGERS AND BULLETS | We always thought that as long as the kids are on the show, the parents aren’t going anywhere — meaning the actors who play their parents won’t have to worry about being killed off. So we were surprised when Archie’s dad was gunned down in the final moments of the season finale. Surely, he’ll make it, right? Would he die and his mom return for the whole of season 2? What makes this shooting even scarier, is that Jughead says in voiceover that Fred was “marked by an act of violence. It was anything but random.” Who was the shooter? I think the easy answer is Hiram Lodge, so I’m hoping for a bigger twist than that!

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