“Daytime Divas” Recap: The Hot Seat

VH1’s newest scripted series Daytime Divas made it’s premiere — and it’s everything we’ve been hoping for and more!

The first hour introduced us to a handful of women who make up the panel of the show’s fictional daytime talker “The Lunch Hour,” a “The View”-like talk show. After creator Maxine Robinson falls into a coma after going through “throat surgery,” her fellow co-hosts battle it out to take over Maxine’s chair until her return.

Below, we recap some of the other drama that went down while she was under:

PA WITH BENEFITS | Production Assistant Leon is getting the most out of his job. In addition to his work behind the scenes of the talk show, she’s also sleeping with one of the co-hosts of the show, Mo. When she declines an offer to bring their relationship to the next level, he blackmails her with a sex tape of the both of them and threatens to claim sexual harassment, which would cost Mo her job. While visiting Maxine in the hospital, Mo takes a snapshot of her boss’ medical chart and discovers Maxine fell into her coma while undergoing cosmetic surgery, which Mo uses as leverage to get the left chair and to get Leon a promotion to Head PA.

MOMMY DEAREST | Kibby has a lot to thank Maxine for. “The Lunch Hour” creator gave the former child star a job on the show when no one would hire her. Maxine even helped end Kibby’s probation early. It’s easy to see why Kibby looks up to her boss as a mother figure, especially when we’re introduced to Kibby’s own mother. Kibby decides to skip a meeting to go out clubbing with her girlfriend. A surprise run-in with her mother shows us why Kibby has bonded so much with Maxine; Kibby’s mom is one bad person. She promises to make her daughter’s life hell if money is not deposited into her bank account.

EMPTY CRADLE | Nina Sandoval and her future-congressman husband find out that they reason why they can’t conceive is due to his low sperm count. But that doesn’t mean that she can’t get pregnant. We find out at the hospital while Nina consoles Maxine’s son, Shawn, that they’ve been having an affair for nearly a year! Hopefully she doesn’t get pregnant with Shawn’s baby, because that could get really messy. Then again, we kind of hope that happens because it can get really messy and give us some good drama!

Memorable Quotes/Moments:
• “I’m a teenager down there. I just bought it a dress for its Quinceañero.” -Maxine
• “There’s no openings The Real.” -Tamara

Daytime Divas airs Mondays at 10pm on VH1.