“Daytime Divas” Recap: It’s Good to Be Back

The latest episode of VH1’s Daytime Divas features a triumphant return, the birth of a not-so-surprising revelation, an honest confession and more. Here’s what went down in episode 102 “Coma Bump.”

IRREPLACEABLE | It’s been three days since Maxine (Vanessa Williams) last sat in her char at The Lunch Hour table due to her coma. Her continued charade of pretending to still be unconscious is finally put to an end when network president Jason Abel (Adam J. Harrington) pitches former FLOTUS Michelle Obama to take over left chair in her absence. Worried that this change might become permanent, Maxine makes a surprise return on the daytime talk show greeted with a smattering applause from the audience and disbelief from her fellow panelists.

BUN IN THE OVEN | As we predicted, Nina (Camille Guaty) turns up pregnant and with her future-congressman husband Andrew Weller being infertile, we learn that her producer Shawn (McKinley Freeman) is the father of the baby. Nina can’t keep the pregnancy a secret for her husband for long, so she concocts the perfect cover up story. Since a pregnant wife during Andrew’s run for congress will give him the family-man type positive light, Nina explains to him that she has found a sperm donor, twisting her surprise pregnancy into something that she’s doing for his benefit.

HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME | We get a deeper look into Heather’s life at home with her husband and children. We continue to see his displeasure of his wife’s supportive behavior of her son’s gender identity. After a few spats, we see that the married couple excuse the children from the room to watch cartoons so the husband and wife can hash it out. More bruises appear on Heather, fueling speculation about physical abuse at home. Whether or not that is true, one reason is revealed as to why she has bruises on her body: After a heated argument, the pair grab a bible and a paddle, and while bent over her husband and reciting a passage, he smacks her on her bottom with a paddle, which very much arouses her. Heather’s back talk apparently turns her husband on and uses the paddle in a kinky way.

HONEST TO GOODNESS | Mo Evans (Tichina Arnold) is definitely not thrilled that her boss is back and in great condition. With Maxine back, Mo’s pursuit of being head of the show is taken away. The comedian tries her mightiest to make Maxine’s return look premature in the eyes of the network president, in the hopes of convincing him that Mo is the better choice for the left chair. After a few fumbles at Maxine/s expense, courtesy of the conniving Mo, including blackmailing her boss about what really happened that caused her coma, Maxine comes clean to her audience about her cosmetic surgery, taking away the leverage Mo previously had on her.

Elsewhere in the episode, “an old friend” (Kristen Johnston) turns up at the end of the episode looking for Maxine. What is she up to? We can’t wait to find out!

Were you surprised by Nina’s pregnancy? How many more chances will Mo get until she’s eventually fired? Will Kibby come clean about what she did while Maxine was in a coma? Let us know in the comments below!

Daytime Divas airs Mondays at 10pm on VH1.