Maxine Gets News That a High-Profile Replacement May Take Over the Left Chair in “Daytime Divas” Sneak Peek

VH1 has released a sneak peek for episode #102 of Daytime Divas, which you can check out below. The installment, titled “Coma Bump,” is officially described as follows:

Maxine returns to The Lunch Hour, but Mo isn’t going to make it easy, threatening to expose one of Maxine’s secrets to the public. Nina has some surprising news for Shawn, and Kibby is blindsided with a harrowing discovery.

In the sneak peek, Maxine watches The Lunch Hour as her fellow co-hosts carry on without her and catches Heather doing something on the show she’s for months hoping to do. Later, Maxine discovers the network is pursuing a high-profile replacement to take over the left chair.

Daytime Divas “Coma Bump” airs Monday, June 12, at 10pm on VH1.