“Daytime Divas” Recap: Tell All

On the latest episode of VH1’s Daytime Divas, an exposé is revealed to be in the works, while a minor confession delivers major consequences. Here’s what went down on episode 103 “Blind Items.”

AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER | Kibby (Chloe Bridges) discusses the stresses of her life and job at an AA meeting and let slip that she witnessed two co-workers having an affair. Unfortunately, while the meeting space is supposed to be a safe haven where privacy is of the upmost importance, one of the people in the group saw that as an opportunity to leak that info to Page Six. When she reveals to Maxine (Vanessa Williams) that she was the unintentional source of the story, she declines to offer up the names of the employees in question.

NO MO’ | Mo (Tichina Arnold) and Leon (Niko Pepaj) just can’t get their hands off of eachother — even having sex on Maxine’s special left chair. Paranoid about being made for being the couple in question, they try to lay low to avoid suspicion. During an investigation on a thief stealing things around the set, Maxine discovers the two have been involved and fires her on the spot and even does a little dance in celebration. Furious about the termination, Mo swears Maxine has not seen the last of her.

BY THE BOOK | Maxine’s old assistant Anna Crouse (Kristen Johnston) reveals she’s working on a book about the life of her former boss the juicy scoop on what goes on behind-the-scenes at The Lunch Hour. Worried the assistant-turned-journalist will find out a little too much, Maxine invites her to lunch to get an idea of what will be written in the book. She finds that Anna’s research includes that of Maxine’s late husband and his failing business and financial troubles. “No one will find out what happened that night,” William (Norm Lewis) tells her. Thus introducing a big secret into the series that will likely be teased throughout the season. Just what did happen to Maxine’s late husband Ted?

HE KNOWS | Shawn gives Nina (Camille Guaty) time to figure out how she’s going to fix the giant mess they’re in and she continues with her story about going through with a sperm donor. Her whole charade comes crashing down when she is confronted by her future-congressman husband Andrew (Ness Bautista) where he reveals that he knew she was already pregnant and knows who the father is. During this elevator scene, which we see a completely new side to Andrew, he lays down the plan of what their future is going to be like: They’ll remain married for two years after the election and after the baby is born and then they’ll part ways. When she opposes the plan, he threatens to reveal a little nugget of her past that will damage her image.

With Tichina Arnold’s special guest star status, we knew her time on the show was limited, so we saw it coming. Her character’s departure is bittersweet, however, because of her close friendship with Heather (Fiona Gubelmann). We found it very sweet when Mo embraced BJ for wearing a dress and even said his female name “Ella” was a beautiful one. She even asked Leon to shut off the camera because she respects Heather’s privacy in this matter. In addition to that, after walking in on Heather and her husband’s “discipline” act, Mo said she won’t say anything and she doesn’t judge.

While keeping that “Moto Mo” video private was nice, we thought it was a missed opportunity for drama to have that video air accidentally when the “Moto Mo” segment was played during Sharon Osbourne’s interview. The way we would want to see it played out, it would’ve aired, Heather and Mo would be horrified that it was played, Heather would think Mo did it on purpose and put a strain on their friendship, which would’ve made Mo’s termination at the end even harder to watch.

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Daytime Divas airs Mondays at 10pm on VH1.