“Daytime Divas” Recap: Female Attraction

In the latest episode of VH1’s Daytime Divas, more information of Maxine’s (Vanessa Williams) late husband Ted is brought to light, a lifestyle guru lands a gig at The Lunch Hour, and Kibby gets a blast from the past in another unsettling reunion. Here’s what happened in episode 104, “Shut it Down.”

FEMALE FANTASY | When a new co-host, lifestyle guru Portia Camden (Tasha Smith), is given a trial-run on the show, Heather feels threatened that her job is on the line. Intent on keeping her job and in support of her friend and former co-host Mo (Tichina Arnold), the conservative republican is hellbent on icing her out so that her time on the show is a temporary one. The wife and mother of two sticks to her plan, but after a pow wow changes her mindset on ousting the guest co-host, she starts to warm up to her. Heather even has a daydream of kissing Portia, who happens to be a lesbian. Confused about her feelings, she later discovers that it was the attention Portia was giving her that made Heather attracted to the lifestyle guru, because she was being neglected at home by her husband.

CEASE AND DESIST | Maxine is done playing nice. After numerous pleas for her former assistant Anna Crouse (Kristen Johnston) to drop the tell-all book on her life from going to print, The Lunch Hour creator takes matters into her own hands. Preventing Anna from doing a high-profile interview for New York Weekly with mega superstar Sia, Maxine impersonates Anna to steal her concert tickets and backstage passes. Realizing it was Maxine’s doing, Anna reschedules the interview, to which, once again, Maxine prevents from happening by acting as Sia’s PR people and giving Anna the wrong address for the interview. Feeling defeated, Anna succombs to Maxine’s demands and drops the plans for the exposé on one condition: Anna must be made a co-host on her talk show.

SPACED OUT | Kibby’s (Chloe Bridges) sober coach uses the restraining order lift as an opportunity to make amends with her former co-star Maddie (guest star Debby Ryan), whose attack from Kibby on the set of their kid show “Lacey From Outer Spacey” went viral. After much hesitation, Kibby agrees to a reunion on The Lunch Hour after her boss Maxine says it’ll be good for her and the show. After a brief run-in on set with Maddie, she appears to have left the past behind her and forgiven Kibby for her what went down. However, once she joined the panel on stage, her kindness just moments before was proven to be disingenuous, and painted Kibby in a negative light. Luckily for Kibby, she stood her ground and even poked a few jabs at Maddie, revealing that she had coke parties in her dressing room and gave her ex-boyfriend chlamydia.

What do you think? Will Anna Crouse really stop writing the tell-all book about Maxine’s life? Have we seen the last of Kibby’s former co-star Maddie? Sad that Portia has been given the boot? Let us know in the comments below!

Daytime Divas airs Mondays at 10pm on VH1.