Devious Maids Exclusive: Brianna Brown Talks Taylor Stappord’s Return to Beverly Hills

Devious Maids Season 3 Poster Key Art

“You don’t have an accent…”

This one line coupled with a brief hissy fit with her husband about why they even needed a new housekeeper was enough for us to start sharpening our claws in preparation of giving Taylor Stappord a good lashing.

From the Lifetime dramedy’s Devious Maids series opener, we were ready to hate — or love to hate — this Beverly Hills housewife, but as the season progressed, something beautiful happened: A strong friendship between Mrs. Stappord and her maid, Marisol, began to form. It was a bond that even rivaled the sisterly connection shared with Genevieve and her long-time housekeeper Zoila.

She quickly became a favorite of ours, so we were definitely disheartened when word got out that the Stepford Stappord wife would not be making a fully-recovered comeback in Season 2. Fortunately for us and Taylor fans everywhere, it was announced early this year that Taylor’s portrayer Brianna Brown was not only coming back in Season 3, but that she had been promoted to series regular!

While we’re thrilled for the character’s return, we wanted to know what brought them back, and — perhaps a bit unsettling — who followed them home.

devious-maids-season-3-brianna-brown-exclusive“Last season Taylor and her husband Michael left Beverly Hills to cope with the trauma of Taylor being shot and the loss of their unborn child,” Brianna Brown tells OMFGTV. “This season the couple returns with a new addition to their family, an adopted daughter named Katy, and hope to start life anew again in their old neighborhood.”

Despite the revelations brought to light and the traumatic events that took place in the conclusion of the first season, challenges accompanied Taylor and Michael’s return to Beverly Hills, but “Taylor is determined to keep her new family together at all costs.”

Though her family unit remains strong and intact — for now, at least — the same can’t be said for the once almost inseparable tie between she and the formerly incognito college professor.

“Taylor and Marisol’s relationship has certainly been tested since Taylor’s move to Washington DC,” Brown explains. “Not only has the distance strained their friendship, but Taylor is also keeping a dark secret, and can no longer let Marisol in on the minutia of her life.”

With the big secret Taylor is harboring looking to be the central mystery of the season, Devious Maids‘ upcoming cycle of dirty laundry is shaping up to be absolutely killer.

“Season 3 is all about the drama and mystery. This is by far the best year yet filled with unexpected twists and turns, and of course no shortage of laughter! Viewers can expect to see new friendships, new targets, and a whole lot of drama.”

Devious Maids Season 3 premieres on its new night, Mondays at 9PM ET/PT, beginning June 1 on Lifetime.

Check out our exclusive images below of Taylor Stappord with her family from the season premiere, as well as a first look at Taylor from episode 302 “From Here to Eternity.” Click to enlarge.


Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney, Annette Brown