DragonCon: “Wynonna Earp” Cast & EP on Who Will Not Be in Season 3, Dream Guest Stars & More!

OMFGTV spent Labor Day weekend waiting in lines for panels and meeting great people at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia. The Wynonna Earp cast had 4 panels, and you better believe we were there are all 4! Though nothing super specific was revealed about the next season, we did learn more about the cast and their characters through fun and insightful audience questions. Here are some of the main points we went away from the convention with.

Alice Michelle will not make an appearance | Though the baby will “always be a presence and is something worth fighting for,” showrunner Emily Andras says she will not be a physical presence in the third season. But she will always be something at the back of Wynonna’s mind, knowing she has to break the curse for her daughter.

Nicole is very understanding! | One fan question directed at Katherine Barrell had to do with the kiss between Waverly and Rosita and whether Nicole knows. “I think she totally knows.” Kat believes Waverly was very open and honest with Nicole about what happened. “I think Nicole is at a place in her life where she knows the difference between love, lust, and a mistake.” Barrell believes Nicole knows where Waverly was coming from when she did that and understands.

Dream Guest Stars | The majority of the cast has an idea of who they’d love to see guest star on the show. For Tim Rozon, he would love to see Jeffrey Wright on the show. Michael Eklund would love for Richard Harmon, his real-life buddy, to play some role. Melanie Scrofano wants Charlotte Sullivan on Wynonna Earp, and we definitely agree with her! Kat Barrell chooses Amy Acker as her guest of choice, and yes please! Finally, Shamier Anderson said he really wants to see Emily Andras appear on her own show.

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Waverly/Bobo Relationship | We’ve seen over the course of two seasons that things between Waverly and Bobo are much more complex than we once believed. Just as fans weren’t given their full story at once, the actors weren’t either. Eklund and Dominique Provost-Chalkley didn’t know how pivotal their characters relationship was going to be until they watched it play out in the scripts. According to Dominique, “We don’t find out what’s going to happen before it does.”

Wynonna Earp In One Word | A member of the audience who had never seen the show before asked the cast to describe it to her using only one word. Some of the panelists took it very seriously, while others channeled their inner Wynonna and gave silly answers. Shamier started chanting “WayHaught!” so I think it’s safe to say that’s his answer. Rozon believes the show is about “redemption.” Scrofano believes it’s about “family.” Barrell and Provost-Chalkley have similar answers with “family” and “love.” Emily Andras, on the other hand, believes the show is all about “boobs!”

Is Nicole tied to the Cult of Bulshar? | There is a lot of speculation regarding Nicole and whether she’s in the cult or not. Though it’s still unclear what Nicole’s story may be, the actor trusts Emily. “We trust Emily a lot. I don’t ever worry about Nicole. I know whatever shows up on the page is going to be the right decision.”

What the fandom has taught the cast | Rozon feels inspired by the Earpers and feels they should have their own chair on panels with them, because they wouldn’t have gotten to where they are without the fandom. “I’ve never been part of a show that has a fandom like this,” says Eklund, who was blown away by the fan response at DragonCon. Emily Andras feels gratified that people trust her and understands where her crazy show is coming from and what it means. “I feel lucky to have been cast in a show that’s about being inclusive and being yourself,” says Dominique about the show’s theme.

Wynonna Earp will be returning to Syfy in 2018!