Fallon Confronts Old Demons in “Dynasty” Episode ‘Private as a Circus’

The CW has released the synopsis for episode #104 of Dynasty, which you can check out below. The installment, titled, “Private as a Circus,” is officially described as follows:


The Carringtons’ efforts to protect their secrets – from the world and from each other – lead them outside the protective cocoon of the Manor: Cristal (Nathalie Kelley) and Blake (Grant Show) to their belated honeymoon, Steven (James Mackay) to Sammy Jo’s (Rafael de la Fuente) rescue, and Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) to confront old demons. They all face the same difficult choice: serve yourself, or save the family? Alan Dale, Sam Adegoke and Robert C. Riley also star.

Dynasty, “Private as a Circus,” was directed by Kevin Sullivan and written by Jena Richman. The episode airs Wednesday, November 1, at 9pm on The CW.