“The Flash” Recap: All in My Head

On the latest episode of The Flash, “Therefore I Am,” it’s the battle between the world’s fastest man and the world’s smartest man.

How It All Started | Four years ago, Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) was just a simple professor at Central City University. Clifford is disappointed because he wants to enlighten the minds of his students but feels like their minds are too small to handle knowledge. This causes him to think he’s not smart enough so he designs a thinking cap that Marlize DeVoe (Kim Engelbrecht) builds.

There’s one problem, they need a huge source of energy to power the thinking cap. Clifford and Marlize visit S.T.A.R labs because Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) created a particle accelerator and they think it can help them power the thinking cap. On the night the accelerator was turned on, Clifford is seen standing in front of the lab and lighting strikes him. Marlize runs to him and tries to revive him. Once he gains consciousness, we see that he gained super intelligence.

Of course with great power comes consequences. Because his brain is using so much energy from his body, he is left paralyzed. The visit the doctor and and he tells Clifford he only has some time before it kills him.

Why You So Obsessed With Me? | When Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) confront Clifford and Marlize, they act clueless and seem innocent. Barry and Joe leave but Barry seems suspicious of Clifford. Barry tells Team Flash something is off with Clifford but they don’t believe him.

While Clifford is teaching, Barry is seen in the back of his classroom. After his lecture is over, Barry approaches Clifford and starts to question him. He thinks that Clifford was behind the bus meta-humans. He then distracts him and steals his mug. He brings it back to Team Flash but they disregard it and think he is obsessed with Clifford.

Iris West (Candice Patton) believes that Barry has lost his mind and thinks that he’s seeing things the way he wants to. She tells him that they’re getting married in a week and he needs to stop obsessing.

Because Barry keeps paying Clifford a visit, Clifford and Marlize go to David Singh (Patrick Sabongui) to tell him that Barry is harassing them. David gets angry and tells Barry to leave them alone.

Barry sees a camera in the samurai’s head and gets paranoid that Clifford is watching him. He speeds off to the DeVoe residence and breaks in. Unfortunately, they caught it on camera and report it back to David so Barry gets suspended for two weeks.

Uh oh, someone isn’t learning his lesson. Barry decides to confront Clifford again to ask who he really is. This is when Clifford reveals that he knows that Barry’s the Flash and that he was behind the bus metas. Clifford tells Barry that he is always one step ahead of Team Flash.

Back at S.T.A.R Labs, Barry tells Team Flash about Clifford’s confession and that he’s been playing them like chess pieces. They feel bad for not believing Barry. Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) names Clifford, The Thinker. Barry decides they should let Clifford make the next move and that Team Flash should take time to devise a plan to stop him.

The episode ends with Clifford and Marlize watching Barry and Iris on their screen. Marlize asks if he’s going to let them get married and Clifford responds with, “what is knowledge, without love.”

Will Team Flash outsmart Clifford? Will Clifford and Marlize ruin Barry’s wedding?

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.