“The Flash” Recap: We Kidnap and Ravage

“Crisis on Earth-X” was exciting for Arrowverse fans because we got to see our favorite superheroes fight together and kick some Nazi butt (who doesn’t love seeing that?). Now we’re back on track, with The Flash’s midseason finale, “Don’t Run.” Caitlin and Barry get kidnapped and Team Flash makes a tough decision, figuring out who to save first.

Meta-Knapped | While Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) are chatting at a café, Amunet Black (Katee Sackhoff) smashes through the windows and comes after Caitlin. Harrison tells Caitlin to hide and pulls out a gun but Amunet grabs it and breaks it. She approaches Caitlin, in response, Caitlin tries turning into Killer Frost but Amunet put a bracelet on her that stops her from changing. She tells her she doesn’t want Killer Frost, she wants Caitlin.

Amunet needs her help because she injured a telepathic meta-human named Dominic Lanse (Kendrick Simpson) trying to capture him and needs Caitlin to save his life. Caitlin will not agree to it because she doesn’t have the proper equipment and she can’t use her powers. Amunet doesn’t care and tells her to save him or die.

Dominic wakes up and tells Caitlin he was one of the bus-metas. She plans to escape with him but fails because Amunet finds them but she doesn’t punish them. Instead, she speaks to Caitlin about how she received her powers and why she’s basically so confident. Amunet used to be stewardess on an airline and was frequently sexually harassed by the pilots. Then, she was zapped during the accelerator explosion. She received her powers and got revenge on the pilots. The point of the pep talk was to tell Caitlin that she’s special and can do the surgery regardless of limitations or else you know she’ll die. This worked because Caitlin successfully removed the shard that was embedded in Dominic’s neck.

After the surgery, Caitlin uses the distraction to attack Amunet and her minions. While she is making her escape with Dominic, Amunet is trying to stop them. Luckily, Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) and Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) show up to save the day.

Come Back Barry | Iris West (Candice Patton) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) are walking down the street when suddenly Barry gets struck. Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) emerges and kidnaps Barry, leaving Iris in shock.

Barry is trapped inside DeVoe’s sanctuary and cannot escape because there is a force field around it that make his powers useless. DeVoe shows up but doesn’t reveal his plans because it’s too complicated for anyone to understand.

Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and Harrison show up to DeVoe’s home and tell him they’re going to get a warrant to search his home because they know he took Barry. DeVoe lets them search and of course they find nothing because DeVoe is always a step ahead of them.

Iris tells Team Flash they need to focus on saving both Barry and Caitlin but this overloads their machine. Harry tells Iris that they can only save one of them because of their limited resource. This causes a conflict because Iris has to pick between her husband or friend but decides to save Caitlin instead because Barry will find a way back.

She was right, women are always right. Barry tricks DeVoe and escapes from the sanctuary. He attacks DeVoe and a fight ensues in the air. The battle gets brutal and Barry ends up falling to ground but lands in the water. Good thing Cisco put a safety raft in his super suit. Barry escapes and comes back home to Iris.

While Team Flash is at Joe’s apartment, Barry gets a call from Dominic (turns Amunet was able to recapture Dominic and sell him to DeVoe so he can use his body). Barry speeds off to DeVoe’s house and finds DeVoe’s old body stabbed with a knife that Barry and Iris used at their wedding.

The midseason finale ends with Barry being arrested for the murder of Clifford DeVoe.

What’s going to happen with Barry? What is DeVoe going to do with his new body?

We will find out when The Flash returns on Jan 16.