“The Fosters” Tackles Several Controversial Topics In This Week’s Episode ‘Sex Ed’

This week’s all-new episode of The Fosters is a big one! The Fosters is no stranger to controversial topics, but in what may be the biggest episode of the season, we see them take on multiple controversial topics at once. “Sex Ed” was written by Kris Q. Rehl and directed by Michael Medico.

Gay Sex Ed | Jude realizes they only teach about heterosexual sex in the schools sex ed class, but the administration fears backlash if gay sex education is added to the curriculum. Where are young gay kids going to go with their sex questions? Where will Jude turn to get the answers to his questions?

Planned Parenthood | Brandon supports Emma during this difficult time, she has to decide what to do about the baby. Does she think Jesus is up to being a father in his current condition, or will she have their child aborted and tell no one about it?

Solitary Confinement | Callie finishes her senior project and proudly displays it at school, but the administration has a problem with how provocative it is and asks her to remove it. Will she follow the schools demands, or will she decide to make a statement about artistic freedom?

Catch all this and more in this weeks The Fosters on Freeform Tuesday at 8pm!

Photo Credit: Freeform/Tony Rivetti