“The Fosters” Recap: Meet the Neighbors

After last week’s nail-biting premiere, this week’s episode of The Fosters was a bit less crazy but no less emotional. Callie (Maia Mitchell) is becoming too much for Stef (Teri Polo) and Lena (Sherri Saum), Jesus (Noah Centineo) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) run into problems with their senior project, and Brandon (David Lambert)doesn’t recognize a blatant booty call. Here is what went down in ‘Exterminate Her’!

Freedom of Press | Jude (Hayden Byerly), Mariana and Taylor (Izabela Vidovic) discover the school paper is going to publish an op-ed piece where the writer accuses the students of causing trouble at the riot. Since Drew (Jared Ward) is allowing it to run, they decide to hack the paper and add their own article calling the other “fake news” and stating that it is false. Drew decides to suspend the paper, blaming it on the hacking, but we all know it’s because he doesn’t want the true viewpoint out there.

Summer School? | After talking with Emma (Amanda Leighton), Jesus decides he doesn’t want Mariana working on his treehouse senior project with him anymore. He still isn’t aware that the only reason the project got approved was because Mariana would also be working on it, because he may not actually be a senior next year. He eventually weasels the truth out of Gabe (Brandon Quin), who betrays Stef and Lena’s wishes by telling him, and completely loses it. He wants to be a senior and he wants to complete his project. Stef sends him to his room to cool down, and while he is up there Emma arrives. Stef sends her up to Jesus’ room, but when she gets to the hall she can see him inside destroying some of his belongings, so she turns around and leaves.

Once he’s cooled off, Jesus goes downstairs to talk to all 3 parents present. He wants to try to be a senior next year, even if that means going to summer school. He also wants to continue building the treehouse. Lena informs him that Drew has pulled funding for the project, but Gabe thinks he can get scrap wood donated to build it. His moms decide to let him continue the project on his own, but he realizes he’s going to need help. He stops Mariana in the bathroom to tell her just that, and right when you think he’s going to ask his sister to help, he says he’s going to ask Emma to help. Talk about a slap in the face! But Emma may not want to help, because Jesus videochats with her and something seems off. Maybe he scared her with his violent behavior?

Derby Girl | Stef and Lena are worried about Callie and her knack for getting herself into dangerous situations. Robert (Kerr Smith) throws Callie a surprise party to announce all the charges have been dropped, but quickly gets sucked into Callie’s drama. He wants to spend more time with her in order to help her get on the right track, and offers to take her to the art school that was interested in her. When Callie meets with the professor she learns just how unprepared she is and thinks art school isn’t an option for at least another year. That is, until the professor calls to tell her she’s willing to let Callie audit her class to build her portfolio.

Robert drops Callie off at art class and gives her a new art set as a gift. Callie takes it in with her and meets the student she’s going to shadow, Ximena (Lisseth Chavez), who is also a bad ass derby girl. Ximena lets it slip that the professor never lets anyone audit her class, and that sets off alarm bells to Callie. She asks the professor if Robert had been to see her, and when Callie hears that he had she assumes that he paid for Callie to be there and she leaves. She sees Robert waiting to pick her up, but instead decides to watch Ximena’s derby practice. Ximena ends up being an inspiration for Callie, who is eager to start her journey as an artist. When she finally gets home her moms and Robert are all waiting for her, waiting for answers.

In a very emotional and heartfelt scene Callie explains to her parents how she’s feeling and that she can’t just let go of what’s happened to her. And that is exactly why Lena saved Callie’s senior project and put it up in the backyard as a reminder of what she’s been through.

Blast From the Past | The Adams-Foster’s have new neighbors! When they all finally get a chance to meet they realize Stef and one of the occupants have some sort of history.

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Photo Credit: Freeform/Ron Tom