“The Fosters” Recap: La Resistance

In this week’s episode of The Fosters, we see some relationship drama for both Callie and Brandon, Mariana and Jude write an underground paper, Jesus wants to return to school, and Stef and Lena deal with someone from Stef’s past. “Contact” was written by Anne Meredith and directed by Aprill Winney.

Study Time | Brandon (David Lambert) and Grace (Meg DeLacy) are spending more and more time together. Grace invites Brandon over one night to “study,” so he assumes he wanted to “study” again the next day when she invited him over to play guitar. Brandon doesn’t want to play music, and Grace thinks he doesn’t want to play with her, but in reality he doesn’t want to play at all. She thinks he just came over for sex, so she makes him leave. Once he realizes why Grace was upset, Brandon takes his guitar over to her place and plays her an apology song that he wrote, getting him back into her good graces.

Rise Up | Drew (Jared Ward) has disbanded the school paper, so Mariana (Cierra Ramirez), Jude (Hayden Byerly), and a few other students write an underground paper called Rise Up, highlighting what the students at Anchor Beach want, not just what Drew wants. Mariana is forced to get clever with distribution, and recruits one of the STEAM boys, Aiden (Adam Kang) to help her. They use one of the schools drones to drop the papers, but something goes wrong and the drone crashes. Drew finds it and disbands the STEAM club and threatens to cancel Prom if the paper did not stop. Mariana needs a way to let all her pent up anger and feelings out, so she decides roller derby is the thing for her.

Anger Issues | Jesus (Noah Centieno) is eager to get back to school, but his moms aren’t sure if he’s ready yet. He still doesn’t have control of his anger, and he may never fully control it. Jesus hears his moms talking about it one night, and he overhears Lena (Sherri Saum) say that she’s sometimes scared of him now. And to make things even worse for him, Emma (Amanda Leighton) still isn’t talking to him.

Surprise Me, But Not Too Much | Callie (Maia Mitchell) needs to work on her next piece for her portfolio, her self portrait. But Callie doesn’t know how she sees herself, so she asks her family to take candid photos of how they see her, anonymously, so she can go through and see how others view her and draw one of those. It sounds great in theory, but in reality this just causes everyone to scare Callie trying to take secret photos. Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) takes Callie on a date that she let him plan, but he takes the plans and surprises a little too far when she has zero input on the date, leading to a very awkward night. Eventually they both apologize and get on the same page.

Video Game Addict | Jude and Noah (Kalama Epstein) both have their vices, video games and weed, but when Noah gets annoyed by how much Jude is on his phone he makes a bet with him. He will give up weed for a week if Jude gives up video games. Jude agrees, but later that night we see him playing on his phone instead of sleeping.

The Past is Back | Remember the neighbor, Tess (Kristen Ariza) that Stef (Teri Polo) seemed to know? It turns out Tess was Stef’s old BFF from high school, and also the first girl Stef really crushed on. Tess and her husband come over to the Adams-Foster’s for dinner, and it quickly becomes obvious that Stef is still hung up on Tess. She is doing everything she can to impress her and agree with her on certain issues, and Lena is definitely annoyed. Could this cause some problems for the happy couple down the road?

The Fosters airs Tuesday’s at 8pm on Freeform!

Photo Credit: Freeform/Eric McCandless