“The Fosters” Recap: Jesus Thinks About His Future

This week’s all new episode of The Fosters Callie (Maia Mitchell) learns about protesting hate speech–very timely with what’s going on in America currently–Jude (Hayden Byerly) starts his own online gaming channel, Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) learns if she can do roller derby, Brandon (David Lambert) juggles girls, and Jesus (Noah Centineo) makes a huge decision about his future. ‘Welcome to the Jungler’ was written by Megan Lynn and Wade Solomon.

To Protest, or Not to Protest | Callie’s been in quite a bit of trouble recently and really needs to keep her nose clean. Shawn (Nick Fink) wants Callie to protest the school for giving hate speech a platform, but Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) doesn’t agree. He believes freedom of speech is very important, it’s how people have open and intelligent conversations with one another. It looks like neither side will agree on this topic, when suddenly Callie receives an urgent phone call from Kyle (Adam Irigoyen), he’s finally been released from prison thanks to her.

Callie visits Kyle to see how he’s adjusting, and to find out why he wanted her to believe she killed Martha. It basically came down to the fact that he just gave up, so he wanted her to as well.

Callie ends up going to the protest with Ximena (Lisseth Chavez), but learns that they are trying to get arrested. Callie can’e get in trouble again, and Ximena can’t either. But it looks like they might be staying.

Jude is Back! | After being absent from several episodes, Jude has returned, and his story is exactly where we last saw it. His week of no video games/no pot deal with Noah (Kalama Epstein) has ended [though we know he cheated] and he is back to playing with Taylor (Izabela Vidovic). They take offense to what an online gamer says in his videos, so they decide to make their own showing that girls and gay guys can play video games just as well, and without offensive language. They are disheartened at the beginning, their video was getting a lot of negative and harassing feedback. Noah even deleted the video. But Jude and Taylor decide to continue making more, for all the people out there who don’t want to listen to vulgar insults.

Can She Derby? | Mariana is patiently awaiting the news from her moms about derby, and confesses to Callie that she forged her permission slip. She also opens up to her sister about why derby is so important to her; without Emma (Amanda Leighton) and STEAM club she has no friends. Derby gives her a sense of belonging and family outside of the house.

Mariana is absolutely heartbroken when Lena (Sherri Saum) delivers the news that she can’t do derby because of their own fears of her getting hurt. But Mariana is lucky, she has Callie as a sister. Callie convinces Ximena to speak to their moms about derby and how it’s much safer than it looks. Mariana pleads with her moms to let her participate, it makes her feel strong and confident. They agree to let her try out, but Ximena warns her about forging their signatures. If she makes the team, she’s sitting out of the first match.

Two Girls, One Brandon | Grace (Meg DeLacy) insists Brandon invite Cortney (Denyse Tontz) to their open mic night performance so she can get to know her a little. Cortney brings along some wine to help ease the tension, but after Grace watches B perform a song with Cortney she decides to drink most of that wine. That leads to her getting sick on the way home, and it being obvious that she’s concerned about Brandon and Cortney’s friendship. But I don’t think there’s anything to worry about there, because B catches Cortney and Gabe (Brandon Quinn) kissing.

Jesus Wants to Marry Emma | Jesus makes the decision to take the GED and drop out of school to do construction with Gabe. He finds Emma at school and tells her of his plans, then presents her with a promise ring he made. He knows Emma is the one for him and wants to marry her one day, but she’s not so sure. She tells Jesus she really values education and can’t marry someone who is throwing theirs away. This prompts Jesus to decide to stay in school, but Lena seems flabbergasted when she learns the reason why.

Other News:

  • Ana (Alexandra Barreto) and Mike (Danny Nucci) begin telling people of their engagement, but the kids find out before the adults have a chance to.
  • Stef (Teri Polo) is really trying to take down a group of pedophiles, but things aren’t panning out the way she had hoped they would.

What do you think of Jesus’s decision making this episode? And do you think Callie is doing the right thing by staying and protesting, or should she leave before she gets into any more trouble?

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Photo Credit: Freeform/Ron Tom