“The Fosters” Season Finale Recap: Alt Prom

Things get serious once again on the mid-season finale of Freeform’s The Fosters. Several members of the family are dealing with hard hitting issues that thousands of Americans are dealing with right at this very moment. ‘Prom’ was written and directed by Joanna Johnson.

Prom Date Disaster | After finding out Prom is canceled, Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) decides to throw a Prom of her own at the derby arena. The only problem is Mariana doesn’t have a date and she doesn’t want Logan’s (Christopher Meyer) girlfriend to think she’s trying to steal her man. Mariana spends the whole dance running around from person to person trying to find a date, and even pretends to be gay with a drunk Emma (Amanda Leighton) for a while. But by the end of the night it’s her ex-boyfriend Mat (Jordan Rodrigues) that she really connects with.

Best Prom Ever | Brandon (David Lambert) learns that Grace (Meg DeLacy) has to move back home with her mom. She tells him it’s for financial reasons, but her mother later reveals to him it’s because she has leukemia and is extremely sick. She doesn’t want Grace to know that B knows, so he promises not to tell her but decides to make it the best prom night ever for her. But knowing that the girl he loves–yes loves, they both said it–is very sick and could die soon weighs heavily on Brandon’s heart.

Jesus Realizes his Mistake | Jesus (Noah Centineo) goes to the dance alone and just watches Emma dance with his sister all night. Eventually he tells her he loves her and that he made a mistake, and it looks like things could be getting back on track for those two.

Stef was Right | Tess (Kristen Ariza) can sense the tension between her and Stef (Teri Polo) since their talk about their friendship in high school. First Stef accuses Tess of being homophobic, but that’s not the case at all. Tess admits that she’s been unhappy for a long time and couldn’t tell why, but now she thinks she’s figured it out. She might be gay.

Maybe It’s Time to Move On | Lena (Sherri Saum) can’t go to the alternative Prom because it’s not a school sanctioned event, so her and Jude (Hayden Byerly) stay home. Monte (Annika Marks) makes pays Lena an unexpected visit with surprising news. She has been offered an amazing job as principal of a different charter, where she would make more money and have more control over what happens, and she wants Lena to go with her. Even if they’re able to save Anchor Beach, they’ll both end up getting fired for some stupid reason because the board likes Drew better. Lena has a decision to make.

ICE is Here | During the protest Callie (Maia Mitchell) went to, Ximena (Lisseth Chavez) decided to reveal her undocumented status in order to help explain why all the hated in the country is wrong and unnecessary. Things at the protest heat up so Callie and AJ (Tom Williamson) take off, and Ximena isn’t happy about it. She ignores all of Callie’s calls and texts, but Callie tracks her down at the dance.

Aaron (Elliot Fletcher) knows Callie went to the protest with AJ and tries to catch her in a lie about it. She gets upset when Aaron treats her like a piece of property and sort of breaks up with him.

Later, Callie sees that ICE agents are at the dance looking for Ximena. She tells Stef, who pretends to arrest Ximena to get her out of there. While Stef is dealing with ICE, Callie and AJ sneak Ximena out of the car and into AJ’s. They all go to a church in seek on sanctuary, and are now trapped there.

The Fosters returns in 2018.