“The Fosters” Recap: Beach Day

In the back half of their final season, Freeform’s The Fosters is beginning to tie up storylines, including the fate of Ximena, which boy Mariana chooses, and sets the tone for Lena’s principalship. ‘Line in the Sand’ was written by Dan Richter and directed by Cheryl Dunye.

Mariana Chooses | Last week we saw Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) decide she wants to casually date 3 guys, but this week she narrows it down to just one. At first she thinks Mat (Jordan Rodrigues) is the one for her, but after realizing that she wants to move forward with her life instead of just being stuck in the past, she decides to end things with him and date Wyatt (Alex Saxon).

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New Hobby | After his accident, Jesus (Noah Centineo) is really struggling to find something he’s good at after his TBI, but he may have just found his new thing. Derby stats man. He’s picked up the complicated rules of derby extremely fast, and is even correcting the ref’s. Only thing is, Emma (Amanda Leighton) isn’t too happy about it. She already feels like she never gets any alone time with her boyfriend, now they’ll have even less. This prompts her decision to join derby, this way she can be with Jesus and Mariana, and she can also keep an eye on Jesus and Poppy (Nandy Martin), whom she’s growing more weary of.

Freedom | Callie (Maia Mitchell) works tirelessly to help Ximena for her hearing to see if she’ll be allowed to leave the church without fear of being arrested while her DACA status is up in the air. After a bit of ingenuity, Callie is able to obtain footage of the protest Ximena spoke at to prove to the judge that ICE lied about Ximena making threatening comments towards our government. Once the judge determines she is not a threat to the security of this country, she is allowed to leave the church and stay with Callie’s family and her sister.

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Senior Prank | Grace (Meg DeLacy) never pulled a senior prank, so Brandon takes it upon himself to rally a few people to pull off the prank she plans. They are bringing the beach inside Anchor Beach. Brandon thinks he can keep the sand contained on tarps, but he is sadly mistaken. The hallways are transformed by sand and beach-themed decorations. But upon receiving a security notice, saving her from a painful girls-night with Jenna (Suzanne Cryer) and Tess (Kristen Ariza), Lena (Sherri Saum) shows up at the school and is shocked by what she finds, and even more shocked to find out her kids were behind it. But after a chat with Stef (Teri Polo), Lena decides to embrace the prank and arrives at school the next day in a swimsuit, wrap, and sunglasses, ready to show the school she’s a cool principal.

Though this episode was noticeably Jude-less (Hayden Byerly), it was nice to see storylines begin wrapping up while still making new discoveries about the characters and their stories. What do you think is going to happen between Jenna and Tess? What about Stef and Tess?

The Fosters airs on Freeform Tuesday nights at 8pm!

Photo Credit: Freeform/Eric McCandless