“Angry Angel” Exclusive: Brenda Song Previews Freeform’s Christmas Movie With a Twist

‘Tis the season to be jolly. But for Allison Pyke, the main character on Freeform’s new holiday movie Angry Angel, it’s easier said than done. The reincarnate-with-a-sentence, played angelically by Brenda Song (“Pure Genius,” “Scandal”), just can’t seem to shake off her bad attitude towards everything. Through her journey, however, she realizes that life isn’t about being selfish, it’s about helping others.

OMFGTV had the great opportunity to speak with Brenda about the film — the network’s first-ever original Christmas movie — where she spoke about her character, Pyke’s development and more. I would like to add that I spent my entire childhood watching every project she was in. Getting the chance to interview Song had me nervous and excited, but it was life changing! She was incredibly sweet and down to Earth!

“Angry Angel is a story about a young lady named Megan (Julia Pastorius) who at a time in her life unfortunately passes away and she kind of goes through this phase in purgatory where she realizes that life doesn’t end there,” Song tells us. “She hasn’t done all the greatest things in her life so she has to come back and pay it forward in this crazy system.

“She gets reincarnated into Miss Allison Pyke, brought by Jason Biggs’ [character] and she realizes that you get a sentence. When you’re an angel, you get a sentence on earth and that sentence is made up of points and you get those points when you perform miracles. She has a certain point set that she has to meet, but she still has a chip on her shoulder from her previous life, so she’s not the best angel.”

In the beginning, Allison doesn’t care about helping anyone; she is only focused on getting her points to get into heaven. “She has such a sort of dark look on life,” Song says. “It’s not the easiest path for her but she comes to find that it’s not necessarily the big things in life, it’s the small gestures that really make a difference. That’s what she sort of learns throughout this movie, realizing that it’s about the people in your life.”

Brenda describes Angry Angel as being “very unconventional,” while it maintains all the elements of Christmas, the holidays and family. “It’s not your typical ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ or ‘Miracle on 34th Street,'” she says. “The interesting thing about ‘Angry Angel,’ it’s a real twist on a Christmas movie.

“This is not a, you know, girl searching for love, and finding it at the end of the movie. This is really about Pyke learning to love and discovering herself. It’s not necessarily a girl looking for love; she’s looking for self love.”

Boarding the project, Song didn’t need much convincing. After discovering the writer of 2009’s “Fired Up” and 2011’s “Friends With Benefits” penned the script, she knew she was in good hands. “When I first saw ‘Written by Will Gluck’ — first, I’m such a huge fan of his work — you knew exactly what sort of comedy you were getting into because he writes so well and also writes really well for women and young women. I was already a fan before I opened [up the script].”

Working opposite Jason Biggs (“Orange is the New Black,” “American Pie”) was just the icing on the cake — and the actress was quick to say positive things about her co-star. “Jason is not only so very funny, but he’s also just a wonderful human being, father, husband,” she says. “It was a pleasure to work with him because he’s so talented and he really does find comedy in places I didn’t know comedy even existed. He plays Pyke’s mentor in the movie but on set he was very much that way to everyone else.”

Both Song and Biggs play very well off of each other to deliver the overall message of the movie. “I really feel like, you know, sounds too cheesy to say, but it’s truly to live in the moment and to enjoy every single moment ‘cause you never know what’s gonna happen next, and that doesn’t necessarily mean this life or the next, or whatever you may believe. But I really feel like this movie is about really learning to appreciate every moment.”

Angry Angel is a phenomenal holiday movie. Yes, it’s not typical, but it teaches viewers who tune in to live life to the fullest. Everyday is not guaranteed, and whether we do or do not get reincarnated into Brenda Song in our next life (I wish), we still have today to make a difference in the world.

The two-hour television event, Angry Angel, part of the “Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas,” will air Monday, November 27, at 9pm on Freeform.

Photo Credit: Freeform/John Medland