“Angry Angel” Exclusive Post-Mortem: Brenda Song Talks Pyke’s Choices, Her Favorite Scene & More!

*The story below contains spoilers from “Angry Angel,” currently airing on Freeform. Read at your own risk.*

As the titular Angry Angel in Freeform’s first-ever original Christmas movie, leading lady Brenda Song (“Pure Genius,” “Scandal”) delivers an emotional performance as Allison Pyke. The “unconventional” 2-hour TV event, currently airing on the network, offers a modern twist on traditional Christmas movies that leaves its viewers appreciating the value of life.

OMFGTV spoke with the film’s star, where we got to know much more about the journey that Allison Pyke goes through in the film and all the fun she had on set.

“Pyke doesn’t start off as Pyke; she starts off as Megan, a young woman who is sure of her life” Song tells us. “She has the love of her life and ready to embark in all of that and she suddenly passes away. But the universe doesn’t think she’s quite ready for Heaven, so she is sentenced back on earth as an angel and she is reincarnated into Pyke.”

At the beginning of Angry Angel, Pyke is seen on an airplane that’s about to crash. Once she saves the passengers, she earns 40,000 points. Pyke needs to meet a quota in order to get into Heaven. Flash-forward nine years and her point count has not increased a single digit due to her bad attitude and outlook towards everything in her life. She only cares about herself and strings along Barker (Andy Favreau), a cook who gave up his dreams, to try and have a relationship with her.

In the crazy point system, you gain points by performing miracles. The system also has in place a way to lose points. If an angel contacts someone from their past life, they not only lose points, they lose all their points. Since Pyke isn’t your typical angel, she breaks the rules and contacts her ex-husband, Patrick (Ricky Mabe).

“I’m not sure if it’s the right decision, but I would have done the same thing,” Brenda says, defending Pyke’s decision to contact her ex. Pyke was curious; this wasn’t a situation where they “broke up traditionally.” She doesn’t blame Pyke for contacting him at all.

Of course, Pyke isn’t the only one trying to get into Heaven. Leonard (Andrew Bachelor, “The Mindy Project,” “King Bachelor’s Pad”) is another angel who competes with her for a chance to get through the Pearly Gates. They’re constantly running into each other trying to perform and out-perform the same miracles.

After getting into Heaven, Pyke still checks her angel app to see all the miracles being performed. After seeing that Barker is in trouble and no one is helping him, she steals Gandhi’s car and breaks out of Heaven. She ends up saving his life and strangely helps him find a new girl along the way. Her heart was in the right place but there are consequences to her actions. She gets kicked out of Heaven and has to get 100,000 points if she wants back in.

With the odds against Pyke, Song is hopeful about the angel getting back into Heaven. “I mean I don’t know, I’d like to think yes, we’ll have to wait and see if we ever find out.”

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Song describes that the experience Pyke went through as an angel has taught her a valuable lesson, something we go through ourselves in real life. “I really think that she learned most importantly to put others’ feelings and other people in front of herself,” Song says.

“It’s lonely when all you do is focus everything on yourself, ‘cause that’s how she lived most of her life as an angel and she realizes there was nothing enjoyable about that because she was never living in the moment. She was always waiting to to make it to Heaven or she was always looking for the next place to make her happy.

“I think that’s something that we as humans do here all the time,” she continues. “Like when I get that next job I’ll be happy; when I move into that house I’ll be happy; when I get a new car I’ll be happy or when I get a boyfriend I’ll be happy. And I think that’s the way Allison was living for most of her life as an angel, and I think she realizes that it’s not really the destination, it’s the journey.”

As for Brenda Song herself, she shares her journey behind the scenes making the film was a joyous one. In addition to gushing about her co-star Jason Biggs (“Orange is the New Black,” “American Pie”), she says that one of the best moments on the set was during the filming of one of her favorite scenes — Pyke and Leonard in a hot tub in Heaven. “I was relaxing the whole time,” she says. “It was so fun.”

Another favorite she points out is the dinner table scene at the very end with the cast. “We shot that whole scene for an entire day,” Song says. “It was a lot of work, but it was also great because it was the first time that a lot of the cast members — besides Jason, Andrew — all got to work together. It’s a really wonderful cast. We all really got along it was really fun to have that day and really hang out with everyone.”

Penned by Will Gluck (2009’s “Fired Up” and 2011’s “Friends With Benefits”), a writer whom Brenda is a fan of, the script offered a plethora of great lines. Song recalls her favorite, a line right in the beginning about the relationship with her husband as Megan.

“We buy each other really really horrible gifts, and because it’s a really sweet story but again with the movie when it gets dark and over this silly sweet moment, my favorite line is, ‘He got me a 6-week supply of powdered soup and a set of talking parrot earrings,’ I don’t know why but I love it so much ‘cause it’s so silly.”

When asked if she wanted to do more Christmas movies, Song was very enthusiastic. “I loved doing a Christmas movie,” she enthused. “It was so much fun! We only shot this movie a couple of months ago, so I’ve been in the Christmas spirit for the last few months which I love and I will never complain about.

“I would always love to do a Christmas movie. I feel like they’re so fun and they put you in that festive spirit so early on.”

Angry Angel is currently airing throughout December on Freeform. You can also watch it on Freeform.com, the Freeform app, and On Demand!

Photo Credit: Freeform/John Medland