Holden Returns to the Realm in Promo for “Beyond” Episode ‘Ties That Bind’

freeform beyond 1x03 ties that bind

Freeform has released a promo for episode #103 of Beyond, which you can check out below. The installment, titled “Ties That Bind” is officially described as follows:

Holden continues to try to fit back into his life and learns how much things have really changed while he was in his coma. Holden seeks an explanation for his new powers and agrees to a scary undertaking to learn more about what happened to him. His first real memory of where he was during his coma proves to be too much for Holden to handle. Meanwhile, Holden and Willa grow closer, and Yellow Jacket makes a bold move in his quest to get to Holden.

Beyond “Ties That Bind” airs Monday, January 9, at 9pm on Freeform.