“Beyond” Exclusive: Burkely Duffield Previews Rest of Season 2, Talks Complicated Relationships & Teases New Big Bad

Season 2 of Beyond is finally here and OMFGTV was able to get some inside scoop from star Burkely Duffield on the excitement that awaits us this season.

During the season’s 2-hour premiere, a new character, Edgar (Jay Paulson), was introduced who asked for Holden several times. He is in what seems to be a psychiatric hospital. When his request is ignored, he loses his temper and burns down the room he’s in.

“Edgar is one of our characters this season and you sort of see that he is perhaps very similar to Holden,” Duffield tells us. “He is now demanding to see Holden and he seems to have these similar mind powers that Holden has.”

The actor reveals that Edgar “definitely” is a “very important” character this season, but whether he’s a friend or a foe, that will be “something that we have to figure out as we watch season 2.”

The man in the yellow jacket (Peter Kelamis) has played a huge role in Beyond. He spent most of last season trying to capture Holden for Frost. Now, he’s blackmailing Charlie (Eden Brolin) to do his dirty work and she pretends to be pregnant to get the information he needs.

With Yellow Jacket back this season, viewers will “definitely get a lot more insight to both business life as well as his personal life.” In addition to YJ, Charlie is also back and we’ll see the “complicated relationship” between the two unfold. “They will definitely play a huge part in season 2.”

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While Holden was in his coma, Willa (Dilan Gwyn) spoke to Diane Matthews (Romy Rosemont) while she was in the hospital cafeteria. Diane is reading The Catcher in the Rye and tells Willa that she named Holden after the main character.

This gives us some insight on Holden’s character because he definitely relates to Holden Caulfield.

“Holden was definitely trying to get his feet on the ground last year just with all walks of life,” Duffield explains. “[This season he definitely] continues to sort of really try to figure out who he is and continue to lay down that foundation. He finally got a job with his dad so he’s realizing what it is to have responsibility, to have a work place and try to deal with a bully that he has at work.

“He’s also in his relationships,” he continues. “He’s trying to move forward and build that foundation with his brother, what it means to have a brother, what it means to have a girlfriend with Willa trying to move forward with that relationship. You will definitely continue to see him grow up and learn what it means to be a young adult — a lot of the times stumble and fall trying to figure out what it means to be an adult.”

The series’ inaugural season had Frost as its antagonist. Now that he’s in a coma, he might be the least of Holden’s worries. Holden is getting his future predicting dreams again which can only mean new challenges lie ahead.

“Frost being the big bad guy is now sort of dealt with, but season 2 is definitely an even more perilous season for Holden, and we will see a new bad guy rise up to take on our characters this year. If I may say, he is even more formidable than you can expect. Holden will be put in a lot of danger.”

We’re all rooting for you Holden!

Finally, Burkely shares his enthusiasm about the new season, saying he’s “really excited” about the “fantastic ride” viewers will be taken on. “You get to see a lot more of our characters, the relationships with each other, the love, the hate and as well as some really cool moments of sci-fi and elements that we bring in.”

Beyond airs Thursdays at 8pm on Freeform.