“Beyond” Exclusive: Dylan Gwyn Talks Steamy Sex Scene, Plus How Charlie’s Return Has Holden Torn

Hold up. Wait a minute. We need to talk about that sex scene from the latest episode of Freeform’s sci-fi thriller Beyond. Never would I have ever expected something as intense as that appear on the network. Thank goodness for the network’s name change, because we would certainly not see something as steamy as this on ABC Family.

Here’s something to think about: In a Rated-R movie, they’re only allowed to show about three thrusts from the male counterpart in a sex scene. So for Willa & Holden’s romp to have a whole bunch of thrusting and loud moaning within the first few minutes of the episode is pretty crazy!

What’s even crazier, the show airs at 8pm and their big bang happened precisely at 8:03pm! In comparison, on broadcast TV, you usually have to wait until 10pm to see some really juicy stuff. For example: only at the 10pm time slot can you see a scene with Jake giving a “finger massage” to Olivia on Scandal (I believe that was in Season 3).

Freeform isn’t kidding with their new tagline: “A Little Forward.” The network is pushing the envelope and we love it, we’re all living for it!

OMFGTV recently spoke with the lovely Dilan Gwyn, who plays Willa on the show, to ask her all about the Willa and Holden’s first time and what Willa believes is Holden’s first time ever. Unsurprisingly, like every actor will tell you, she says it’s the “un-sexiest thing” to shoot.

“It was pretty exhausting and we were both pretty bruised up after it because there was a lot of up and down on that sink,” Gwyn tells us. “It took a whole day to complete filming. We took several hours, so it wasn’t like let’s just do this in ten minutes and we’re done. Yeah, it was long, and we were pretty tired by the end of it.”

Dilan goes on to say that it was “fun” working with co-star Burkely Duffield (Holden) and that he was “a really good partner” in all those scenes. “We both try to have fun with it and do our thing.”

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Unbeknownst to Willa, Holden had also slept with another woman, numeromancy extraordinaire, Charlie (Eden Brolin). With the two of them reuniting at the end of the episode and Willa kept in the dark, how will this affect them, and how and who will he choose?

“We’ll see how much [information] he’s willing to share with Willa, first of all,” Gwyn explains. “And kind of based on that, it’s interesting. It’s a doozy. He has to make a choice and he’s really torn. It’s kind of up to him to make a choice; I don’t think it’s up to the girls to decide for him.

“He has to kind of — I hate to quote, but — let’s just say ‘man up’ and decide what to do,” she continues. “Right now he’s kind of pulling them both a little bit on the hook and he doesn’t really know what to do with either one of them. So it’s like he has to make a decision. He can’t have both in his life.”

What did you think of Willden’s sex scene? Wasn’t it hot? If Malec did something like that, I would just die! Also, who do you think Holden should be with? Who is endgame? Let us know in the comments below!

Beyond airs Thursdays at 8pm on Freeform.