“Beyond” Exclusive: Dilan Gwyn on Willa’s Perspective for Next Few Episodes

In the first half of Beyond‘s second chapter, we learned that Willa had actually met Holden’s mother years before in the hospital where he was in a coma prior to being invited to the Matthews’ home for dinner.

We also got to see the Frost daughter grow concerned for her grandfather, Arthur, after he goes missing, worried that he might be losing his mind. And finally, in the latest episode, we watched as Willa and Holden had their very first sexual encounter.

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Tonight’s episode of the Freeform sci-fi thriller marks the midway point of the season, and OMFGTV caught up with the lovely Dilan Gwyn, who plays Willa, to find out what we can expect from her character’s perspective in the next few episodes.

“I think in general, it’s a lot about her — which I found really fun this season — she’s still trying to find her way and kind of her place in the world and figure out who she is,” Gwyn tells us. “So she kind of continues on that path.

“She finds a new friend in Luke who kind of helps her a lot and supports her in that,” she continues. Their friendship begins to grow in tonight’s episode, and while Luke supports Willa, we’ll see just how far she’ll go to make sure that help is reciprocated.

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“So that’s kind of the next couple episodes. I think that she’s trying to figure out what life is, basically.”

Beyond “Six Feet Deep” is our favorite episode of the entire series so far! We can’t say much, but it’s pretty kick-ass!

Beyond airs Thursdays at 8pm on Freeform.