“Shadowhunters” Boss & Isaiah Mustafah Talk Show’s Challenges, Tease Luke’s History

“Oh My Effing Goodness Television!”

Those are the five words Shadowhunters‘ Isaiah Mustafah uses to best describe the highly anticipated saga series, coming soon to Freeform. Sure, he was also referencing the fun name of our outlet, OMFGTV, but from what we’ve seen from the sneak peeks and trailers that have been released, we detect no lies!

We sat down with Mustafah and Showrunner Ed Decter recently in New York where they discussed the pressures of adapting the hit book series for the small screen.

“It’s the best kind of pressure,” says Decter. “We have to honor [author] Cassandra Clare’s work, we have to deliver to the fans, but then we have to introduce the series to people who absolutely have never read the books and don’t know them at all. We’re hoping we’re giving some surprises and side trips that the fans have never seen and really introducing and taking care into bring in new fans who have never experienced Cassandra Clare’s world before.”

Creating that world did provide some challenges, especially when you factor in budget and scope concerns. But with the help of Executive Producer McG on their side, their collaborative work made magic. “Together we mapped out this world and how it was going to look,” explains Decter. “The most exciting part about a television show is building the world. And then you have to build the world in a way that is kind of seductive and wants to draw you in and wants to draw the viewers in.”

freeform-shadowhunters-nycc-isaiah-mustafah-ed-decterOne way the series will draw viewers in is by exploring some of the characters’ history. For the character of Luke Garroway, Decter teases that “if you are really interested in Luke’s history, watch episode 6.”

“You’ll learn things you never knew before,” Mustafa reveals on his character. “Like early on in his life. You’ll definitely see him go from a young man to the police captain that he is and maybe beyond.”

In addition to episode 6, Decter says the subsequent episodes are not to be missed. “I think you’ll be surprised by episodes 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Just how intense it gets, how passionate it gets, how romantic it gets. Those surprises really delighted us.”

Part of the intensity, viewers will see, is the influence taken from Joss Whedon’s cult favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the use of strong, female characers.

“Kickass!” Decter exclaims. “Our female characters kick ass!”

And if “intense,” “passionate,” and “kickass” weren’t enough adjectives to use to describe the new series, Showrunner Ed Decter offers up his five words he would use to best describe the show:

“Sexy, dark, romantic, mysterious, and exciting.”

Shadowhunters premieres Tuesday, January 12, at 9pm on Freeform.

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Additional Reporting By: Taraneh Djangi; Photo Credit: ABC Family/Vu Ong