“The Gifted” Episode Review: Desperate Times…

In a solid second outing for “The Gifted,” Reed faces a harsh scenario by Turner, who wants what he knows. Caitlin and Marcos team up to help Clarice, who’s uncontrollable powers threaten the underground.

“rX” threw our heroes into more jeopardy, as Clarice falls into a dangerous seizure after her last portal. She starts opening portals to a seemingly random street, exposing the base, while Caitlin and Marcos must steal medicine from a hospital to save her, which they do. During this, Caitlin becomes more sympathetic to the mutants’ cause as she sees how they fight to survive and by episode’s end, she is ready to fight alongside them.

Elsewhere, Reed was interrogated by Turner and used his knowledge of the legal system to seemingly get the upper hand, until Turner brings in Reed’s mother for questioning and threatens to arrest her. Reed manages to strike a deal with Turner, but on the condition that Reed gives up the location of the mutant underground, putting Reed in a very tough dilemma.

“rX” was more character based action, which the show is doing really well so far. Setting up interesting dueling storylines is a cool angle for the show and the way they’ll eventually dovetail should be fun.

“The Gifted” airs Mondays on Fox.

Photo Credit: Eliza Morse/FOX