“The Gifted” Episode Review: Risk/Reward

This week on “The Gifted,” Marcos reaches out to a dangerous contact from his past in order to find information that could help rescue Lorna and Reed. Reed must convince Lorna to help him escape lockup.

In “eXit Strategy,” Marcos was forced to strike a deal with his ex-girlfriend, Carmen, who just so happens to be the head of a drug cartel. She gives him information on the convoy transporting Reed and Lorna, but at the promise that Marcos is at her beck and whim from here on in. Sound familiar? That’s because practically every show on Earth has done this plot and almost every time, it’s gone nowhere. We’ll see if this show breaks that streak.

Marcos gets the info for the convoy and everyone is set to intercept and save Reed and Lorna, until Pulse, a mutant who can shut down other mutants’ powers, arrives. Pulse was friends with John until he was shot by guards and is now working for Sentinel Services. John knocks him out and our heroes manage to get away with Reed and Lorna in tow as Lorna uses the screws in Reed’s leg to kill the guards. Ouch.

Other things: Lorna is justifiably pissed at Reed for his role in mutant oppression, so we’ll see who those two work together in the future. Pulse has a mysterious marking on his wrist and Clarice is visibly upset when John doesn’t remember the fake memory of them kissing. Lots to digest for future episodes.

“eXit Strategy” was a strong and engaging hour, with a truly tense escape sequence that was well executed. With Reed and Lorna back into the fray, the show is moving into interesting territory and some really exciting promise.

“The Gifted” airs Mondays at 9pm on Fox.

Photo Credit: Eliza Morse/FOX