“The Gifted” Recap: When We Stand Together

On The Gifted‘s latest episode, “Got Your siX,” tensions run high among the Mutant Underground as Caitlin and Lorna clash over what they want for the younger mutants, Reed and Andy team up on a mission and Clarice makes a choice about her future.

War Dogs | Lorna starts rounding up the teenage mutants at the base, training them to use their powers in battle. Caitlin doesn’t want Lauren in on the training, as Lauren herself meets Wes, who can project images with his mind and is clearly crushing on her. But when Reed, Andy and Marcos are being pursued by the police, Caitlin allows Lauren and Wes to join Lorna in helping the getaway truck disappear from the authorities.

Father and Son | Reed allows Andy to accompany him and Marcos on a mission to break into a government building that may hold info on Pulse. Andy uses his powers to tear open a hole in a wall that gets Reed and Marcos in, but is itching to use his powers for more. He and Reed have an argument about the true merits of his powers, but Reed insists that he is proud of Andy. Andy is definitely growing impatient and potentially more destructive, so we’ll have to keep an eye out for that.

Don’t Dream It’s Over | Clarice confronts John about Dreamer’s abuse of her mind and straight up leaves after John refuses to admit that he has feelings for her. And then Dreamer comes in and seems to feel ZERO guilt over what she did to Clarice and tries to use her leaving as an excuse to hook up with John! Really, Dreamer? Messing with someone’s mind and forcing her to leave when she could’ve helped your friends is a turn on?

Do you think Clarice is coming back? Will Andy succumb to the dark side? Let us know in the comments.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9pm on Fox.

Photo Credit: Eliza Morse/FOX