“The Gifted” Recap: On the Attack

This week on “The Gifted’s” “eXtreme measures,” Marcos’s deal with Carmen comes calling to collect its due, while Reed discovers a secret about Wes. Clarice and John discover a key to Clarice’s past and Turner realizes that he may have made a deal with the devil.

Light It Up | Remember when I said that Carmen was every bad plot of every TV show ever made that never went anywhere? Well, apparently, it went somewhere here, as Carmen coerces Marcos into burning a shipment of illegal drugs to send a message for her. This almost went absolutely nowhere, until Lorna found out and got pissed at Marcos to put a sour note on their relationship. Yes, one of the best relationships of this show is now in jeopardy. Thanks, writers. The other point of this subplot was for Carmen to call Lorna “The girl with green hair.” *Wink*

Built on Trust | Reed finds a police file of Wes in the hard drives stolen from Sentinel Services and tells Lauren about it, who starts off mad at Reed, but it turns out Wes does have a criminal past. After a chat between Reed and Wes, Wes decides to leave the Underground base and Lauren kisses him goodbye.

Turner is working with Dr. Campbell to find the Mutant Underground, but they nearly get shut down by the Department of Justice- until the DOJ representative has a stroke that was likely caused by a mutant in the room on Campbell’s payroll. And in the final moments, we see the same mutant with a briefcase that says “Trask Industries.” The same Trask Industries that has made life hell for mutants in “X-Men” lore.

Do you think Lorna and Marcos will work things out? What secrets does Trask Industries hold? Let us know what you think in the comments.

“The Gifted” airs Mondays at 9pm on Fox.