“The Gifted” Recap: So Much for Sanctuary

This week on “The Gifted’s” “threat of eXtinction,” Reed meets with his father to get information about Trask Industries, Lorna and Marcos must work through their differences and Clarice befriends a mutant kid.

Family Secrets | Reed and John go to meet Reed’s father, Otto, who drops bombshell after bombshell on his poor son: First of all, the Strucker family had mutant genes from Reed’s grandfather and sister, who were both terrorists. Second, Reed’s father was a mutant working on a cure for the X Gene. And finally- hold on to your seat for this one- Reed was a mutant that Otto used his cure on in an effort to keep the X Gene from spreading through the family. Obviously, that didn’t work out.

Dr. Campbell arrives to Otto’s antique shop to question him with Pulse in tow, but Otto goes out in a blaze of glory and causes a blast that kills him and Pulse as Campbell gets away.

Give it a Kick |Marcos, Lorna and Caitlin find a spy for Sentinel Services among a mutant church group, who turns out to be hooked on a drug called Kick that boosts mutant powers. The spy, Chloe, is so drugged up that she can’t talk, but Caitlin meets a telepath named Esme who she gets to help them. Esme reads that Chloe’s husband was killed and her daughter was taken by Trask Industries before Chloe dies. Seeing Chloe die gives Lorna a wake up call and she finally forgives Marcos.

“The Gifted” airs Mondays at 9pm on Fox.