“The Gifted” Recap: Fight For Your Family

“The Gifted” follows up a game changing episode with a game changing cliffhanger in “outfoX.” As the mutants launch a mission to infiltrate Trask Industries, Esme uses her powers to manipulate the others into acting sooner rather than later. Lauren and Andy discover something incredible about their powers just in time for an opportunity to use them.

Respecting Genetics | Lorna and Dreamer go undercover to a bar to seduce a guard who knows details of Trask’s security. Lorna knocks him out when he starts talking smack about mutants and Dreamer gets info about the security system from his mind. Meanwhile, Esme tells the group that her family is in Trask’s facility and she is so motivated to get to them, that she uses her powers to give Lorna a nightmare about her baby being imprisoned. Harsh.

Family History | While Reed tells Caitlin about his family’s history with mutants, Lauren and Andy find a book about mutant history, that I totally want to read, by the way, that says that von Struckers were known mutant terrorists who belonged to the Hellfire Club.

Reed and Caitlin confront Lauren and Andy about the von Struckers and try to see if the two of them have the same power together. Lauren and Andy join hands and they realize that they can use their powers to destroy an entire building.

And That’s When It All Went to Hell | The Struckers team up with Clarice and Dreamer to assault a power station that powers Trask’s building. While Esme, Lorna, John and Marcos wait for the power to go out, Sentinel Services arrive at the power station, based on the world’s luckiest hunch by Turner, and Clarice and Dreamer get taken down by agents. Lauren and Andy try to use their powers to escape, but get busted and arrested by Turner as their parents can do nothing but watch.

What do you think will happen to Lauren and Andy? Do you think Esme is hiding something? Let us know in the comments.

“The Gifted” airs Mondays on Fox.