“The Gifted” Recap: Hell of a Day

My God, “The Gifted” needs to lighten up! “eXploited” lived up to its’ title as this week slaughtered dozens, including a main character, introduced a new villain with serious menace, not to mention some devastating emotional moments. I thought this was a freakin’ family show!

Dr. Campbell goes to extreme measures to get Lauren and Andy to cooperate with his experiments, as Reed and Caitlin play a dangerous game to get their kids out of harm’s way. Esme sets a sinister plan into motion in order to free her captive family.

More Human Than Human | Campbell, now horribly burned from the explosion at Reed’s father’s store, tries to get Andy and Lauren to use their powers together so he can study them. When they refuse, he brutally murders Dreamer in front of them. I’m not gonna lie, even though Dreamer was a questionable character, this had impact, especially after a great scene of Dreamer confessing to Clarice that she used her powers to ease the pain of brutalized women. It’s a shame we didn’t know that sooner, though.

We Just Want to Talk | Esme convinces Reed and Caitlin to try to convince Turner to help their cause- by going to his house and threatening him and his wife with a gun. They try to talk Turner into moving the mutant prisoners to, um, prison as opposed to Trask Industries, which Turner at first objects to, but after Reed and Caitlin leave, Mrs. Turner tells her husband that he’s going too far to avenge their daughter.

We Are the Cuckoos | Esme tells Lorna, Marcos and John that the Struckers went to see Turner of their own volition, but when Turner moves the mutants from Trask to prison, the crew see their opportunity to save their friends. But before Marcos can free the mutants, Esme tasers him and uses her psychic powers to convince the guards to kill everyone and themselves, and then she and her sisters- who all look exactly alike- join together and mind control Lauren, Andy, Clarice and the other mutant prisoners into leaving with them. “X-Men” fans out there know that this can mean only one thing: The Stepford Cuckoos! Looks like we’ve got a new big bad for season one!

Awesome “X-Men” reference aside, this week was just too intense for its’ own good. “The Gifted” is becoming more and more mean spirited and at times, it frankly gets hard to watch. This show is going to have to learn to lighten up and stat.

“The Gifted” returns Monday, January 1, 2018 on Fox.

Photo Credit: Eliza Morse/FOX