“Grey’s Anatomy” Recap: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Grey’s Anatomy had it’s 300th episode — and to celebrate, show creator Shonda Rhimes did what Shonda Rhimes does best, hit us in our feelings. In this episode, titled “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,” the doctors treat patients who remind them about people from their past.

Doppelgangers | A roller coaster accident brought two patients named Greg and Cleo who look just like George O’Malley (T. R. Knight) and Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). This prompted Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) to try and save their lives and miss going to the Harper-Avery awards ceremony. On the other side of the hospital, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) tends to a patient who looks like…… wait for it, Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl)!

Reminiscing About the Past | While Meredith is trying to save the George and Cristina look-alikes, Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) is upset that Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) didn’t order a head CT on a patient, he thought her judgment was cloudy because her brother Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) died under the same circumstance the patient is going through. The Izzie look-alike wanted Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) to comfort her so she starts talking about how her daughter Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres (Eva Ariel Binder) is coming to visit, which brings up how Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) is her dad. Arizona speaks so highly of Mark and does a great impression of him. Finally, Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) is mentioned in Jackson Avery’s (Jesse Williams) speech about Meredith at the Harper-Avery awards.

Making Momma Proud | Since Meredith couldn’t make it to the awards, Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) set up a TV in the O.R where she could watch it live. Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) announces that Meredith won the Harper-Avery and Jackson accepts the award on her behalf and makes a heart-warming speech about her. Everyone in the room is clapping for her and it zooms in on Ellis Grey (Kate Burton), Meredith is picturing her mother clapping for her. She did it, she finally made her mother proud.

What did you think of the monumental 300th episode? Did those dopplegangers remind you of the originals? Did Ellis’ appearance leave you teary eyed? Let us know in the comments below!

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8pm on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitch Haaseth